10 Best Metal Albums 2009

Here are the 10 best metal albums of 2008. The year was really a big one when it comes to this music genre. This year marked the release of several albums that were highly anticipated from some of the best metal artists. With a variety of sound, with some melodic and some discordant, these albums were indeed heavy.

  1. "Death Magnetic" by Metallica: Every time that Metallica releases an album, the band is scrutinized as to whether their music is better or worse than the last one that they had. This time, their ‘Death Magnetic’ is one of the best metal albums of 2008, and was well-received by their fans. With the combination of their early music sound and the bluesy grooves during the 90’s, they sure produced one of their best albums.
  2. "Black Ice" by AC/DC: From the famous band AC/DC comes another one of the top metal albums of 2008. After a long wait of eight years, fans of the band finally got to listen to another one of their masterpieces. Just like any other AC/DC albums, this showed how great they are when it comes to creating metal music.
  3. "Nostradamus" by Judas Priest: This album, which is one of the best metal albums of 2008 tells the life story of the French prophet Nostradamus. This has everything that you are looking for in a Judas Priest album, the heavy vocals and the hardcore playing of the instruments.
  4. "Watershed" by Opeth: With a new guitarist and drummer, Opeth’s ‘Watershed’ indeed makes it to the list of the best metal albums of 2008. Despite those changes, they still had their rhythm and lyrics that will make you adore them even more while hearing them.
  5. "Twilight of the Thunder God" by Amon Amarth: The Vikings return with one of the best metal albums of 2008. With several musicians featured in this album, this Swedish band surely were able to bring out their best yet, with adorable metal songs that you will love from the very first time that you hear them.
  6. "Along Came a Spider" by Alice Cooper: Revolving around the story of ‘Spider,’ a serial killer who loves to hack off people’s legs, this album is another one of the best metal albums of 2008. Other than having a great story, this too has the same Alice Cooper heavy metal style that makes his fans love him even more.
  7. "Chinese Democracy" by Guns ‘N’ Roses: After fifteen years, Guns ‘N’ Roses finally showed up with another album that is indeed included in the best metal albums of 2008. With the scrutiny of Axl Rose, this album is nothing but amazing, making this one a huge comeback.
  8. "Gods of the Earth" by The Sword:  After a few years of producing albums that didn’t really hit off, they were able to pull it off with this one. Here they showed that they too can release songs that are really heavy metal, with fierce guitar riffs and drumming that is really intense.
  9. "The Way of All Flesh" by Gojira: Gojira is not referred to as France’s best metal band for nothing. This album is one of the best metal albums of 2008, with lyrics that refer to being environment conscious. With this album, you will definitely love hearing it over and over again.
  10. "The Thin Line Between" by Neuraxis: With a catchy album that is one of the best metal albums of 2008, Neuraxis songs will certainly be a part of your playlist upon hearing them. With the change in the band’s vocalist the previous year, they still did not lose their knack in creating great heavy metal music.



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