10 Best Metal Bands Ever

There is one thing the 10 best metal bands ever have in common: They deliver kickass songs! Soaring vocals, wailing guitars and pounding bass and drums are all trademarks of the metal sound. Add to that a mix of alcohol and drug abuse, leather, fast cars, untapped rage and willing groupies and you have something magical. Here are the ten best metal bands of all time.

  1. Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin is the originator of metal music and, hands down, the best metal band of the bunch. Led Zeppelin has sold over 200 million records worldwide and their music is played as much today as when it originally was released. The band was ranked number one by VH-1 on their list of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.
  2. Metallica Love 'em or hate 'em, there is no denying Metallica's influence on metal. With their fierce guitar riffs and sneering lyrics, Metallica has been credited by many for inventing thrash. The band has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, won nine Grammy awards and was the first recording artist to have five consecutive albums debut at number one on the charts.
  3. Black Sabbath Black Sabbath was ranked as the number one metal band by MTV and the number two artist on VH-1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock list and with good reason. They were one of the first metal bands and still serve as one of the most influential metal bands of all time. More than 100 million Sabbath albums have been sold worldwide.
  4. Iron Maiden Releasing a prolific 31 albums, Iron Maiden is hands down the most productive band of metal music. The band has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. They received the Ivor Novello Award (songwriting and composing) for international achievement in 2002.
  5. Dio Having already established himself as a leading man (Black Sabbath, Rainbow), Ronnie James Dio decided to strike out on his own and form his own metal band. Dio was the end result. The band's first album was titled "Holy Diver" and it went platinum.
  6. Megadeth Megadeth was formed when guitarist Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica for his anger and alcohol problems. Every album Megadeth has released has been certified gold (sales of 500,000 or more units). The band has sold more than 25 million albums across the globe.
  7. Judas Priest In the early '80s, Judas Priest was one of the first metal bands to feature dual guitars that were played at a speed unmatched by most other bands of the time. Priest was so influential that MTV named them the number two greatest metal band, behind Black Sabbath.
  8. Pantera Brutal, devastating and fierce are three words that have been used to describe Pantera's style of metal. As glam metal began to fade, Pantera's "groove" style was becoming increasingly popular and the band toured with the likes of Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne. During its 22-year history, the band received four Grammy nominations for Best Metal Performance.
  9. Rob Zombie Rob first hit the music scene as the founder and member of the band punk influenced band White Zombie. Classic horror movies had a strong impact on the band's lyrics and music. White Zombie disbanded in 1998 as Rob released his first solo album, "Hellbilly Deluxe." As a solo artist, Rob has been nominated three times for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.
  10. Slayer Slayer has released eleven studio albums, four of which were certified gold, been nominated for four (and won two) Grammys for Best Metal performance and toured with Ozzfest. As if that doesn't speak volumes, their first album was self-financed. The band feuded with Megadeth and members of the band have been accused of being Nazi sympathizers. It doesn't get any more metal than that!
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