10 Best Metal Songs Of All Time

This list of the 10 best metal songs of all time are a flash of the past. Now considered "Classic Rock," these songs are what turned you on to metal in the first place. Strap on your air guitar and get your head a banging, because you are going on a heavy metal journey down memory lane.

  1.  "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne: The beginning of this song is so distinctive that you immediately pull out your air guitar, because you know what's coming.  The first line of the song says it all: "Crazy, but that's how it goes."
  2.  "Highway To Hell" by ACDC: This best metal song appeals to every bad boy. Why pretend to be good? Just be bad and accept your on the highway to hell.  "No stop signs/Speedy limits/No ones gonna slow me down."
  3.  "Enter Sandman" by Metallica: Here is a best metal song that gives every head banger the OK to sing about the scary nightmares they had as little boys. "Sleep with one eye open/Gripping your pillow tight/Exit light/Enter night/Take my hand/We're off to never never land."
  4.  "Rainbow in The Dark" by Dio: Ronnie James Dio almost took this song off the album, because he thought it sounded too pop. Good thing he didn't. This song was numbered thirteen on VH1's "Greatest Metal Songs." This best metal song is definitely a fan favorite.
  5. "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses: This best metal song has a sweet and catchy melody. It is not a hard rockin song, but it makes you think back to a special time in your childhood. "She's got eyes of the bluest skies/As if they thought of rain/I hate to look in those eyes/And see an ounce of pain/Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place/Where as a child I'd hide."
  6. "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by Scorpions: Here is a best metal song filled with passion and anger mixed into one rockin song. "My body is burning/It starts to shout/Desire's coming/It breaks out loud/Lust in cages/Til storm breaks loose/Just have to make it/With someone I choose."
  7. "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard: This metal song has some sweet lyrics. "I'm hot sticky sweet/From my hands to me feet/Pour some sugar on me/When you need good love." This song was ranked number two on VH1's "Greatest 100 songs of the 80's."
  8. "Breaking The Law" by Judas Priest: This best metal song lives up to its image. Any song about breaking the law lights up the face of any heavy metal lover.  In the video, the band members rob a bank safe to steal a gold record. Too bad this song never went gold; it should have.
  9. "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol: Back in the 80s, this best metal song had people sing out loud: "In the midnight hour/She cried more, more, more/With a rebel yell/She cried more, more, more." 
  10. "Tom Sawyer" by Rush: This heavy metal favorite is so popular, it is part of pop culture. This song is still heard on a regular basis on "Classic Rock" stations all over the world. "The world is the world is/Love and life are deep/Maybe as his skies are wide/Exit the warrior/Today's Tom Sawyer/He gets high on you/And the space he invades/ He gets by on you."
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