10 Best Method Man & Redman Songs

Choosing the 10 best Method Man & Redman songs is like trying to pick the top Michael Jordan plays: there are simply too many to choose from. Redman and Method Man are one of the greatest hip hop duos ever to come together and their music reflects that fact. They've appeared on each other's albums multiple times, creating  musical gems every time. In 1999 they released "Blackout!", an album that stands as one of the classic pieces of the genre. They created original tracks for the movie "How High" which they also starred in. In 2009 they released their second collaboration, entitled "Blackout2!" Method Man, hailing from the legendary "Wu Tang Clan" and Redman of "DEF Squad" fame work so well as a duo you'd have to wonder if they were meant to make music together. Lets attempt to single out the best Method Man and Redman songs of all time.

  1. "How High" The song "How High" was the title track for the movie of the same name. As usual Meth and Red beat the track up like the lyrical pugilists they are. Why is this song one of the best Method Man and Redman joints? The blend of Toni Braxton's voice looped over a clever beat made this track a blazing hit.
  2. "I Got My Mind Made Up" This song, featuring Method Man and Redman, was one of the hardest tracks released on the late great Tupac's album, "All Eyez on Me." This was one of the few songs where the guest artists actually held their own with the legendary Tupac. Method Man and Redman laced the track with pure lyrical fire. Definitely one of the best Method Man and Redman collaborations.
  3. "Well All Rite Cha" was originally released on Redman's "Doc's Da Name" and again on the "Blackout!" and featured a very simple yet banging beat pattern. So why is it on the list? This track showcased some of the most awesome lyrics by both artists. You can't tell when one rapper finished and the other began, but one listen to this track and you'll understand why it's one of Method Man and Redman's best.
  4. "Big Dogs" Similar to "Well All Rite Cha," "Big Dogs" was released twice. It was featured on "Blackout!" as well as Method Man's critically acclaimed "Tical 2000." The beat was a killer and the lyrics like razors slicing the track. Talk about creativity; Redman flows about Method Man and Meth pretends to be Redman.
  5. "1,2,1,2" is a relatively short track. In only two minutes and sixteen seconds these two manage to once again drop their brand of lyrical genius onto the track. Meth with his smooth flowing and Red with his insane vernacular created yet another classic.
  6. "Maaad Crew" is another track concerned more with lyrical prowess than a complicated beat. Method Man really shines here. His words dance over the beat in the smooth style he's grown to be known for. Not to be outdone, Redman fills the track with some insanely humorous metaphors.
  7. "Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers" is a track from their newest endeavor "Blackout2!" The beat is slower, with what sounds like a sample of a classical piece. Both artists do what they do, and do it well. Like the title suggests, they speak on the joys of marijuana use.
  8. "4 Seasons" You want the perfect blend of lyricism with a straight, hard-as-concrete beat? "4 Seasons" is just that. Featuring LL Cool J and Ja Rule, this is definitely one of the best Method Man and Redman tracks released.
  9. "Da Rockwilder" is a hip hop song for the ages. It is the perfect blend of raw hip hop lyricism with a beat made for the clubs. One of the best hip hop songs ever produced, so good in fact it's been said that the producer named the song after himself.
  10. "How High" The best Method Man and Redman song ever released has to be the original "How High." This was their very first collaboration. Two versions were released. Both were unparalleled in showcasing Redman's wild lyrics and Meth's precision flows. A must hear!
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