10 Best Mexican Boxers

Choosing the 10 best Mexican boxers is difficult because there have been so many talented Mexican boxers.  Mexico has been one of the best producers of boxing talent, especially in the lightweight divisions.  There have been great Mexican boxers of all styles.  Some of them were successful because of knockout power, some had great stamina and others used speed and combos.

  1. Julio Cesar Chavez.  In his day Julio Cesar Chavez was considered the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world and ESPN named him the 24th best boxer of all-time.  Mr. KO won championships in three different weight divisions and had a career record of 107 – 6 – 2.  Chavez won his first 90 matches spanning over a period of 11 years.
  2. Salvador Sanchez.  There is a chance that Salvador Sanchez could have been the best Mexican boxer of all-time but he was killed instantly in a car accident at the age of 23 years old.  Sanchez began boxing at the age of 16, won 16 out of his first 17 matches by knockout and lost just one time in his career.
  3. Carlos Zarate.  Carlos Zarate is one of the best Mexican boxers of all-time thanks to being one of the best punchers in history.  Zarate won 63 out of 66 of his victories by KO.  Zarate is the only boxer in history to have two streaks of 20 consecutive knockout wins.
  4. Marco Antonio Barrera.  Barrera is a seven time world champion in three different weight classes.  Barrera suffered six losses in his career but it was because he faced some stiff competition.  One of Barrera's losses came in the epic trilogy against Erik Morales and two other losses were against Manny Pacquiao.  In addition to being one of the best Mexican boxers of all-time, Barrera also has one of the best nicknames:  “The Baby-Faced Assassin.” 
  5. Erik Morales.  Erik Morales had a fierce rivalry with Barrera and would probably rank ahead of Barrera if he had won their trilogy of matches instead.  Morales also lost another famous trilogy of matches to Manny Pacquiao.  Barrera and Pacquiao handed Morales four of his six career losses.
  6. Ricardo Lopez.  Ricardo Lopez is known as one of the best Mexican boxers of all-time because he retired undefeated.  Lopez held titles at the minimum weight division and the light flyweight division.  Lopez holds the record of 26 title bouts in a row without losing his title.
  7. Ruben Olivarez.  Ruben Olivarez was another boxer that was one of Mexico's all-time greats due to his powerful knockout ability.  In his first 52 matches Olivarez had a record of 51 – 0 – 1 with 49 of his wins coming from KO's.  Late in his career Olivarez had problems making weight, had to change weight classes and ended up losing 13 matches in his career.

  8. Juan Manuel Marquez.  Juan Manuel Marquez is a current boxer and competes for Oscar De La Hoya's Goldenboy promotions.  Marquez's career record is 50 – 6 – 1.  Marquez was the fourth Mexican boxer to win a world championship in three different weight classes.  Barrera, Morales and Chavez were the first three.
  9. Vincente Saldivar.  Vincente Saldivar had a record of 37 – 3 and 26 of his victories ended in KO.  Out of all of the best Mexican boxers, Vincente Saldivar is one of the few that won matches with stamina instead of punching power.  Saldivar had seven knockout victories after the 7th round of a fight, which was a testament to his remarkable conditioning.
  10. Fernando Montiel.  Fernando Montiel followed Barrera, Morales, Chavez and Marquez by becoming the world champion in three different weight classes.  Fernando Montiel is nicknamed Cochulito, which means “Rooster” in English.  Montiel is considered to be a smart fighter who breaks down his opponent with lethal combos rather than just one big knockout punch.  
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