10 Best Mexican Singers

Whether you can speak Spanish or not, you will certainly admire the vocals of these 10 best Mexican singers. Hearing them sing will put aside the language barrier, since the songs and the voices are much more important than that.

  1. Yuri. A famous singer, actress and TV host, Yuri is definitely one of the 10 best Mexican singers that has been in the entertainment business for over thirty years. One of her most noted works is her album "Llena de Dulzura," that was very successful upon its release.
  2. Juan Gabriel. A singer and songwriter, Juan Gabriel is a recipient of several awards for his compositions. Some of his famous albums include Inocente de Ti, El Alma Joven,En El Palacio de Bellas Artes and a lot more. His music is known worldwide, and October 5th was declared by the 1996 mayor of Los Angeles Tom Bradley as "The Day of Juan Gabriel."
  3. Marco Antonio Solis. If you are familiar with the songs "Me Bajas," "Me Subes" and "Basta Ya," as well as the albums called Una Noche En Madrid and La Historia Continua 3, then you already know one of the 10 best Mexican singers, who is Marco Antonio Solis. He is one of the greatest singers and composers in Mexico who is worldwide famous for his works.
  4.  Miguel Bernal Jimenez. "Tata Vasco" is one of the world renowned works of Miguel Jimenez, who is one of the 10 best Mexican singers. He is known for promoting religious music, as well as his contributions to the Mexican Nationalist Movement.
  5. Manuel de Elias.The man who worked hard to establish the Musical Institute at the University of Veracruz is also  noted as one of the 10 best Mexican singers. He is well known for his works such as "Vitral 1 Chamber Orchestra," "Divertimento for Drum-kit," "Sonate 1 for Piano" and a lot more.
  6. Lolita De La Colina.  During the 1970’s one of the most famous singers was Lolita De La Colina. Among her most notable songs are "Perdon" and "Tu Nombre me lo Callo." She also wrote songs for Manoella Torres, Daniela Romo, Sophy, and several other musicians.
  7. Blas Galindo.  He formed the group Grupo de Lost Cuatro in 1934, making him one of the notable Mexican singers. His musical works received a lot of awards, and some of his famous vocals include "Jicarita" and "Arrullo."
  8. Manuel Maria Ponce Cuellar.  Traditional Mexican music is the genre that Cuellar worked on, and some of his works include solo instrument music for guitar and piano. "Estrellita" is one of his most popular works that is still famous nowadays.
  9. Selena. Winner of four Grammy Awards, Selena is also one of the 10 best Mexican singers, with a career that rose in the 1990’s. One of her most famous songs is "Dreaming of You," featured in the movie "Selena" which featured her life story.
  10. Thalia. She is an artist that is not just known for her vocals, but also for her acting. She is known as "the queen of soap opera," having starred in several of them such as "Marimar" and "Rosalinda" which were shown worldwide. One of her best-selling albums is "Amor a la Mexicana."
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