10 Best Mexican Soccer Players of All Time

The top ten Mexican soccer players of all time have played in Europe, the States, and a slew of World Cups. One is the second-highest scorer in the history of La Liga, while another is a rising star on Arsenal. Here’s the list.

  1. Hugo Sánchez. Sánchez is the only Mexican player to have made Pelé’s list of the top 100 soccer players of all time. Mexico’s best player ever, Hugo participated in three World Cups and played at top European clubs, including Real Madrid. He is the second-highest goal scorer in the history of La Liga and is currently coaching in the Spanish league.
  2. Jared Borgetti. Mexico’s second best soccer player of all time is considered by many to be the successor to Sánchez’s throne. Known as El Zorro del Desierto (The Desert Fox), Borgetti is the all-time top scorer for Mexico’s national team, with 46 goals. The Desert Fox became the first Mexican footballer to play in the English Premier League when he signed with the Bolton Wanderers in 2005.
  3. Luis de la Fuente. La Fuente, known as The Pirate, was such a hero to the Mexican people that there’s a stadium named after him. The Pirate was a midfielder with power and speed on both feet, who could play striker and win games with persistent goal scoring as easily as he could assume the midfield position and shuffle perfect passes to his teammates. One of the ten best Mexican soccer players ever, The Pirate was especially dangerous in the air.
  4. Rafael Márquez. Márquez currently plays his club football at Barcelona, alongside world-class talent like Messi and Xavi, with whom he won six cups last year. His diversity as a player — he can play right-back, center-back or defensive midfield — makes Márquez an essential edition to the Mexican national team, and one of the top ten Mexican soccer players.
  5. Cuauhtémoc Blanco. Blanco holds the distinction of being the only Mexican player in history to have won a major award in an international FIFA competition. He’s been Mexican First Division League MVP five times, and is tied with Ronaldinho as top Federation's Cup scorer of all time. An aggressive striker and consummate playmaker, Blanco is one of the best Mexican soccer players ever.
  6. Antonio Felix "Tota" Carbajal. “Tota” is a legendary Mexican goalkeeper who holds the record for most World Cups appearances, at five. He also holds the record for being the youngest goalkeeper to appear in the world cup. “Tota” played with various clubs throughout Europe and Mexico, and was an important addition to Mexico’s national team.
  7. Carlos Vela. Until Chicharito’s Man United signing, Vela was Mexico’s highest profile player for England’s Big Four. In his two full seasons at Arsenal, Vela has scored 23 goals, no small feat for a league with so much more aggression and speed than the Mexican style of play. Only 21 in 2010, Vela has tremendous promise, and may even rise to greater European heights than Sánchez.
  8. Claudio Suárez. Suárez is the most capped outfielder of all time, having played in 177 official FIFA international fixtures. The retired Suárez was a strong and incredibly consistent player who made three World Cup appearances for the Mexican national team and won the title at home in the ’91 season.
  9. Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican national team’s goalkeeper for the 2010 World Cup has started for Mexico City’s Club América since he was eighteen years old. Though his team has suffered of late — there’s only so much you can do as a goalkeeper when you’ve got crap offense — the young player shows preternatural ability in goal.
  10. Andrés Guardado. Guardado’s corkscrew hair and screaming visage graces coke bottles across Mexico in anticipation of the 2010 World Cup. Guardado has put in five solid seasons in La Liga. He has truly shone on Mexico’s national team, however. His performances in the 2010 qualifying game, inspiring the hopes of a nation.
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