10 Best Mexico Soccer Players 2010

Without the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010, the team would not have been able to win any games for the FIFA World Cup. They are not just the best for Mexico, most of them are recognized worldwide for their skills.

  1. Rafael Márquez. Rafael Marquez is definitely one of the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010 being the team captain who showed fantastic playing skills. Though he had a difficult start, he sure rose to the top after his skills were recognized. Other than playing for the FIFA 2010, he also appeared in the video of the official song for the World Cup performed by Shakira called Waka Waka.
  2. Guillermo Ochoa. Without a goal keeper, there would be no soccer team. Guillermo Ochoa sure did a great job not only during the World Cup Games but also in every other game that he played. After a game with Costa Rica in 2009, he made his World Cup 2010 qualification debut.
  3. Javier Hernandez. Nicknamed as Chicharito meaning Little Grean Pea, Javier Hernandez is merely 22 but he is among the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010. He comes from a family of football players who can play on both flanks, great in the air and with an excellent vision of where to strike a goal.
  4. Giovani Dos Santos. Giovani’s rise to fame started when he participated in the 2005 World Cup in Peru where he got the Silver Ball for being the second best player in the whole competition. During the World Cup, he is one of the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010. His speed and excellent ball control certainly makes him a great player.
  5. Carlos Vela. If there is one player who has an excellent pacing and alertness, that would be Carlos Vela. He may not have performed well during the 2009-20010 season but he did an amazing job during the World Cup.
  6. Francisco Javier Rodriguez. Another one of the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010 for Mexico is Francisco Rodriguez. He started as a center back but during this year, he was put on the defense line. In all of his games, you will notice how great a player he can be.
  7. Carlos Salcido. Carlos Salcido is certainly one of the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010. He has this amazing knack for defending their position on the ground. During Mexico’s game in the World Cup in South Africa, he was always there, for it would not be wise not to let him play.
  8. Gerardo Torrado Diez de Bonilla. This defensive midfielder of Mexico earns a place in the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010 for in every game that he plays, he shows determination to win the game. He has won the award of Best Defensive Midfielder and for this year, he once again showed that he truly deserved those awards.
  9. Héctor Moreno. Then Mexico won the 2005 U-17 World Cup in Peru, Hector Moreno was one of the team members. Since then, he continued to be one of the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010. He did an excellent job as a center back for Mexico during this year.
  10. Andres Guardado. The last one of the 10 best Mexico soccer players 2010 is Andrés Guardado who is one of the best midfielders for the team. He is one of the key players, making excellent assists and goals for the Mexican team.
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