10 Best Mexico Surf Spots

Some of the 10 best Mexico surf spots are sure to provide great vacation spots with excellent waves, crystal clear blue waters and the best service. Mexico beaches are known for their ultimate surfing experience, which keeps surfers coming back every year. Whether you are looking to cash in on the waves or just enjoy a weekend with the family, Mexico surf spots can’t be beat.

  1. SurfariMex Surf Inn This is a great little inn that's clean, charming and minutes away from the breathtaking beaches of the Vallarta area. Surfers will enjoy the slow pace of this little town, which provides free use of boogie boards, snorkeling gear and hammocks to rest on after a hard day on the surf.
  2. Boca de Pascuales, Colima This is a great beach with some of the biggest and fastest tubes in Mexico. The beach has powerful waves and breaks are only about 50 to 100 feet off shore. Surfers will enjoy a beach that is lined with fresh seafood restaurants and a handful of small hotels for accommodations The city of Tecoman is only an hour away and they have many hotels and transportation options available to get to the beach.
  3. Playa Bonfil, Guerrero This is one of Mexico’s most popular surf destinations and surfers flock to this area year round for the remarkable waves. This location is home to many surf sporting events, making this a popular beach that can get crowded at times.
  4. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca This beach is along the Pacific coastline and is known to surfers as the Mexico Pipeline. This location has been a popular surf spot since the 1960s and this town is home to several surf shops and beach-front restaurants. This beach is pretty secluded and surfers will find plenty of waves to ride.
  5. Puerto Arista, Chiapas Although this beach is not as popular as Baja or Guerrero, it does have some great surf breaks. It is the most visited site in Chiapas and visitors enjoy the pleasant year round climate. It offers 32 miles of beach, high waves and many other outdoor activities.
  6. Baja California, Mexico This location is home to many surfers and it offers reef breaks that are available all year round. Unless you plan on camping on your trip, you may want to stay towards to the northern border or the southern tip of Baja. This is a tough terrain with long stretches of desert to go through before reaching the popular surf spots. Even so, this is one of the ten best Mexico surf spots the country has to offer.
  7. Banderas Bay, Nayarit This is a great surf spot that is mostly enjoyed between July and November. It provides a series of beach, reef and rock jetty breaks, but you may have to hire a boat to take you to the best spots. The area also offers surf resorts, shops, tours and board rentals.
  8. La Ticla, Michoacan This area is known for its incredible waves and it’s still expanding. They have built new cabanas at the south end of the beach, which now offer electricity, bathrooms and showers. There are many nice restaurants and cabanas to choose from, just make sure they have running water, beds and a bathroom before you cinch the deal.
  9. Baja, Malibu This beach is known for its powerful beach breaks and barrels, which makes it one of the best places to surf in Mexico. It always has waves and is centrally located to shops and restaurants. Visitors take advantage of its close distance to the California border and this area has some of the best surfing around.
  10. Puerto Vallarta This area is home to amazing surf spots that can be found on the North side of the bay. Its warm waters, many surf breaks and gentle winds are all great reasons to surf this destination. This is the perfect spot for a family vacation while getting some extraordinary surf time or just enjoying a good beach party at night.
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