10 Best Microbrews

The next time you plunge a hand into an ice cold cooler full of beer, give one of these ten best wheat beers a whirl. Like cracking open a bottle of sunshine, wheat beers are full of bright flavors, but not too heavy for a spring or summer day. Versatile and commonly containing a reasonable amount of alcohol, the appeal for wheat based brew is as wide as anything else available.

  1. Gumball Head by Three Floyds Brewing Company. Wildly popular and highly sought after, this wheat ale has a slightly sweet taste paired with somewhat sharp hop bitterness. If you see this on the liquor store shelf; buy, consume, and enjoy.
  2. A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale by Lagunitas Brewing Company. Citrusy, aromatic, stronger summer wheat beer weighing in at a respectable 7.3% alcohol. These Californian brewing veterans certainly know their stuff.
  3. UberSun by Southern Tier Brewing Company. A rare, delicious imperial summer wheat beer with boozy 8% alcohol content. Sweet with honey and fruit, which burns off due to the higher potency.
  4. Hop Sun by Southern Tier Brewing Company. Summery, golden beer ideal for an afternoon of playing catch or barbecuing. Clear, mild hop taste with a crisp edge make this one of the best seasonal wheat beers available.
  5. Oberon Ale by Bell’s Brewery.  A pleasant warm weather beer, with hazy unfiltered color and a refreshing taste. Another seasonal classic from the popular Michigan craft brewers.
  6. Apollo by Sixpoint Craft Ales. Although Sixpoint is essentially available only on tap, this is still a great wheat beer that takes advantage of the popular summer drinking season. Relying more on malt rather than hops makes for an unusual, but tasty beverage.
  7. Dream Weaver Wheat by Troegs Brewing Company. Big on clove and banana taste, this American spin on the hefeweizen is sure to satisfy your palate. Available all year round so you never have to worry about running out.
  8. Blue Star Great American Wheat by North Coast Brewing Company. Mellow, but still flavorful wheat beer with a crisp malt taste.
  9. Anchor Summer Beer by Anchor Brewing Company. A great seasonal release from the highly popular brewery in San Francisco. Clean drinking with a lemony twist to keep cool on a summer evening.
  10. Circus Boy by Magic Hat Brewing Company. One of the best beers available from the Burlington, Vermont brewery. Unfiltered, orangey color combined with a strong wheat punch for a great piece of seasonal drinking.
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