10 Best Middleweight MMA Fighters of All Time

Curious about the 10 best middleweight MMA fighters of all time? The middleweight division of MMA is heating up with raw talent. The middleweight division features some top athletes in the sport who have earned the honor of being recognized as the top ten middleweight MMA fighters of all time.

  1. Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva. Wanderlei is a native of Brazil and has been in the MMA game a while. He is definitely one of the best middleweights of all time, pound for pound. To see this man in action in his "Pride" days, there is not much else you can say but "wow!" He has punished people both in the ring and the octagon for years and has earned a pro record of thirty-three, ten and one.
  2. Nate "The Great" Marquardt. Along with being one of the best middleweights of all time, he also is one of the most humble fighters you will ever have the honor of meeting. He holds an impressive record of thirty-two, nine and two.
  3. Anderson "The Spider" Silva. With a twenty-five and four record, this man has proven to be one of the best middleweights of all time. His technique is far beyond most fighters today, and his versatility and ability to adapt to his opponents' style is what sets him apart from the rest. He will not be losing his title anytime soon.
  4. Michael "The Count" Bisping. This Brit certainly packs a vicious punch. He stands impressive as a top contender in the middleweight division and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.
  5. Yoshihiro Akiyama. This man does it all; not only is he a force to be reckoned with in the ring, but he also is a famous singer, actor and model. He has distinguished himself as one of the best middleweights of all time by his impressive thirteen, one and zero record, with two no contest matches.
  6. Alan "The Talent" Belcher. Alan Belcher fights out of Biloxi, Mississippi, and brings a down-south butt whooping to anyone who dares enter the ring with him. Prior to the MMA game, Belcher was competing in boxing tournaments where he would compete as a middleweight one year and dominate the competition and then come back the next year and compete as a heavyweight with hopes of finding some sort of challenge, and again he squashed the challengers. Alan Belcher is truly one of the best middleweights of all time in the sport of MMA.
  7. Demian Maia. Most know Demian Maia from his world class jiu jitsu skills, which have paved the way for eight of his twelve professional victories. The one thing about MMA that a lot don't factor in is that it is called mixed martial arts for a reason, and you have to have a mix in order to be successful in this game. He is coming around to that reality and did so violently with a surprising knockout punch by Nate Marquardt, which earned him his first and only loss thus far in his pro MMA career. With this loss it brought his record to twelve and one, earning him the right to be named one of the best middleweights of all time.
  8. Pat "The Croatian Sensation" Miletich. This fighter more than earned his right to be called one of the best middleweight MMA fighters of all time, with an amazing twenty-nine, seven and two record. This man's ground game is one that should not be taken lightly. In his professional career, eighteen of his twenty-nine victories have been by way of submission.
  9. Yushin "Thunder" Okami. One of the best middleweights to grace the ring with his presence. Yushin Okami has a professional MMA record of twenty-three and five. His skills speak for themselves in the ring. With only one of his losses being by way of TKO, it goes without saying that this guy can fight and is well worthy to be called one of the best middleweight MMA fighters of all time.
  10. Jake Shields. With a twenty-four, four and one record, it is no wonder why he rounds off our top ten list of the best middleweight MMA fighters of all time.
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