10 Best Miniature Cigars

The 10 best miniature cigars are a make-up of fine tobacco and rolls from all over the globe. The best miniature cigars are made from fresh rolled tobacco and fine papers. Locating the best miniature cigars is a click of your mouse away, as many online merchants carry these world famous flavors. If you crave the bursting flavor offered by a cigar but do not care for the traditional-sized cigar, then the selections here of the best miniature cigars will be sure to please. Ten of the best miniature cigars are:

  1. Cohiba Classic Miniatures Cigars. These cigars are created from fine Dominican leaves rolled in a Cameroon shell.
  2. Hoyo Excalibur Miniatures Cigars. These cigars boast a natural handmade flare in a traditional roll.
  3. Partagas Miniatures. These are hand rolled Cuban tobacco leaf masterpieces, using the Cameroon leaf as wrappers.
  4. Macanudo Café Miniatures. These cigars are crafted and cured in the Dominican Republic. This fine cigar burns smooth and clean.
  5. Tatiana Miniatures. These cigars use wrappers grown deep in the Indonesian forest, rolled over Dominican tobacco leaves.
  6. Garcia Vega Miniatures. These are your traditional Cuban leaf and wrapped cigar, offering a sweet taste and clean burn.
  7. Miniature White Owl Cigars. These are created in Alabama using United States cultivated products, and offer flavored cigars as well as traditional.
  8. Don Lino Habanitos Miniature Cigars. These cigars bring the inspiration of old-time Cubans back to the cigar industry.
  9. Camacho Cigars. These cigars use rich, well-flavored leaves grown in the exclusive Jamastran valley in Honduras.
  10. King Edward Miniatures Cigars. As their name suggests, these cigars bring a European flavor to miniature cigars.

Miniature cigars are as popular as ever and easy to purchase online or at your local cigar shop. There are still many cigar clubs located throughout the world.

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