10 Best Mma DVDs

When looking for the 10 best MMA DVDs, fans are split down the middle on which promotion is better: Pride or the UFC. However, when looking for the best fight DVD to pick up, it does not matter which promotion you support, as both offer a great deal for any ultimate fight fan. Here are ten of the best, action-packed MMA DVDs on the market. 

  1. “Pride: Return of the Warriors” – Kazushi Sakuraba defeats the third Gracie of his career in Renzo, Ryan Gracie makes his MMA debut, Wonderlai Sivla fought a tough match with Guy Mezger, and Ken Shamrock fights as well. For people who love knockouts, Gilbert Yvel knocks his opponent out in less than 30 seconds. There is only one bad match on this DVD.
  2. “Pride: Shockwave 2004” – There are at least five solid matches on this DVD. It features one of Anderson “The Spider” Silva’s only losses in MMA when he submits to Ryo Chonan. Wanderlei Silva suffered his first Pride defeat to Mark Hunt by split decision. Other great matches include Jens “Little Evil” Pulver vs. Takanori “The Fireball Kid” Gomi, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Yuki Kondo vs. Dan “Hollywood” Henderson.
  3. “Pride: Final Conflict 03” – This card features the semi-finals and finals of the 2003 Grand Prix Tournament. It includes an amazing moment at the end of the Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira match, when Nog locked in an armbar in mid-flip out of nowhere to earn the submission victory. Other notable matches include Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Chuck Liddell and Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva.
  4. “UFC 52: Couture vs. Liddell II” – In this rematch, Liddell knocks out Couture in the first round. Welterweight champion Matt Hughes fights Frank Trigg and Georges St. Pierre makes his return to UFC after suffering his first loss at “UFC 50.”
  5. “UFC 31: Locked & Loaded” – If you love classic MMA, this is the DVD to search out. The main event was a five-round masterpiece pitting Randy Couture against Pedro Rizzo, a match where both men brought everything they had. Carlos Newton won the Welterweight title by submission. Chuck Liddell also fought on the card, scoring a first round knockout victory.
  6. “Pride: Critical Countdown 05” – This two-disk DVD features some of the best MMA fighters in their prime. The fight between Maurico “Shogum” Rua and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira was amazing and worth the price of admission on its own. Other fighters on the card include Alistair Overeem, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Ricardo Arona, Kazushi “The Gracie Hunter” Sakuraba and Wanderlei Silva.
  7. “UFC: Ultimate Japan” – In 1997, UFC made the journey to the Land of the Rising Sun for their first card in Japan. The DVD features a heavyweight tournament involving Tank Abbott breaking his hand. It also introduces the first ever Middleweight Champion in Frank Shamrock, and ends with Randy Couture’s first Heavyweight Championship win.
  8. “Pride 33: The Second Coming” – Pride Welterweight Champion defeated Pride Middleweight Champion by knockout to become the first man in MMA history to hold two different belts in separate weight classes at the same time. The card also presented a big upset as Nick Diaz defeated Lightweight Champion Takanori “The Fireball Kid” Gomi by submission in a non-title match. Also fighting on on the DVD are Frank Trigg and Antonio Rogerio "Little Nog" Nogueira.
  9. “UFC 49: Unfinished Business” – The main event was a blood-fest, as Randy Couture beat Victor Belfort for the Light Heavyweight Title. The doctor stopped the fight after the third round because Belfort had lost a large amount of blood. On the undercard, Chuck Liddell won his match to set up a title shot against Couture. As icing on the cake, Nick Diaz and Karo Parisyan fought in one of the best matches of 2004.
  10. “UFC 40: Vendetta” – The main event was Ken Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz in Shamrock’s first UFC fight in six-years. Ortiz simply dominated the match and the table was set for a future match between him and Chuck Liddell, who also won his match on this card.
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