10 Best Modern Rock Ballads

Rock music is not merely hard beating of the drums accompanied by heavy vocals and guitars, as what these 10 best modern rock ballads prove. There are also rock songs that are sang slow, with a lot of emotion showing in the singer’s voice as well as the instruments being played.

  1. "Iris" (Goo Goo Dolls):   Featured on the soundtrack of the movie “City of Angels”, this song is one of the best modern rock ballads. It was released by the band in 1998 and is also part of the album “Dizzy Up the Girl.”
  2. "High and Dry" (Radiohead):  Another song that is one of the best modern rock ballads is "High and Dry". This was released by the band in 1995 on their album “The Bends.” They initially recorded it during their Pablo Honey sessions, but it was shelved for a short while, before they decided to release it.
  3. "Linger" (The Cranberries):  Written by Dolores O’Riordan and Noel Hogan, this song is also a definitive modern rock ballads. O’Riordan claims that this song is about her first serious kiss.
  4. "Strange Currencies"(R.E.M.):  Released in 1995, this song is about someone who thinks that he can convince another person that she is truly his one and only through words.
  5. "How You Remind Me" (Nickelback):  This Canadian band released this as part of their “Silver Side Up” album. Chad Kroeger, the band’s lead vocalist claims that he wrote this in reference to an ex-girlfriend whom he had a dysfunctional relationship with.
  6. "Whatever" (Oasis): Written by their lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. They released it on 1994 as a stand-alone single.
  7. "Broken" (Seether ft. Amy Lee):  This track is part of Seether’s album called “Disclaimer” but it was re-recorded by Shaun Morgan and Amy Lee. With the amazing voices of the two, it certainly is one of the best modern rock ballads.
  8.  "More Than Words" (Extreme):  This classic modern rock ballad was released in 1990. This was also sang by various artists including the renowned Irish band Westlife.
  9.  "It’s Not My Time" (3 Doors Down):  Recorded in Tokyo, this song is about being strong when everyone else in the world is trying to push you down.
  10. "Good Riddance" (Green Day):  Written by the band’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, this song was released in 1997 as part of their album “Nimrod” as the second single. There is an alternate version of the song which was included in a German import single for “Brain Stew.”
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