10 Best Modern Rock Songs

Looking for some good old fashioned head-banging music then look no further than these 10 best modern rock songs. All released within the last year, these modern rock songs are sure to please. From "Godsmack" to "Breaking Benjamin", the ten best modern rock songs offer a little something for all to enjoy.

  1. "Nightmare" is a modern rock song from rock group Avenged Sevenfold has a "Metallica" sound due to the lead singer M. Shadows' voice. The group formed in 1999, and this is the band's fifth album with the title track being the biggest single to date. The single hit the airwaves and has taken over rock stations nationwide with its hard-core rock sound.
  2. "Check My Brain"  is a classic modern rock song performed by Alice In Chains. The single has the rock beat Alice In Chains fans love and it's one of the best modern rock songs being played in the radio today. This is the second single off the band's fourth studio album. Lead singer William DuVall's vocals on this single dominate the song and riff of Mike Inez's bass guitar.
  3. "I Will Not Bow" is performed by newcomers to the rock scene Breaking Benjamin. The song has all the right sounds, beat and hard-core rock tempo to be considered one of the best modern rock songs. The single is on the band's fourth album release and promises to be one of the best modern rock songs. Lead singer Benjamin Burnley's vocals dominate the single and make this one of the best modern rock songs.
  4. "Through Glass" performed by Stone Sour and is the second single from the band's second album. The song made for the rock genre has also piqued interest in the pop billboard charts when it reached number 39. Despite that fact, it is still one of the best modern rock songs.
  5. "Hard To See" is the first single off the band Five Finger Death Punch's second album. It was released in September 2009, but still remains popular on the airwaves. The band has the stamina and no-nonsense rock music determination to be around for a long time. Lead singer Ivan Moody's raspy vocals give this song a special heavy metal sound.
  6. "Another Way To Die"- performed by hard rock band Disturbed, this single is the first released off the band's fifth album. The single debuted in June 2010 and has been a hit with rock fans since. Some say the song is in relation to the global warning effects on the Earth.
  7. "Lights Out"- another hot modern rock song by Breaking Benjamin, this is the third single from the band's album released in 2009. While no music video has been released yet, the song is quickly becoming one of the best modern rock songs. The song is popular not only the rock billboard charts but also the alternative billboard.
  8. "Lesson Learned" by Alice In Chains this is another modern rock song that is sure to be a classic. The song's guitar riff is one of a kind and can only be expected by the infamous hard rock group.  This is a modern hard rock song about life lessons and learning from mistakes in the past.
  9. "Love, Hate, Sex, Pain" from the hard rock and heavy metal group Godsmack, this single is second released from the band's fifth album. To some Godsmack fans, this single could almost be considered a ballad. Hearing the riff and lyrics on the radio makes a person feel the words and feel the pain.
  10. "Let the Guilt Go" performed by hard rock and metal band Korn and it has an upbeat riff that gets the feet going. The rock song is about lying and cheating and has a meaning behind lead singer Jonathan Davis' wicked voice.
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