10 Best Motivational Workout Songs

Looking for the 10 best motivational workout songs to get through a grueling day at the gym? Great, because this article is dedicated to the most popular top 10 motivational workout songs that have been been on various sources around the web. It doesn't matter what type of music you like, these songs are sure to get your amped up and fuel your mind mentally to finish that workout stronger and harder than ever!

  1. "The Beautiful People" – Marilyn Manson. If you are looking for bold lyrics and a hard core beat, this song is sure to get you going. Between the vocals of Marilyn Manson and his message in the song, this motivational song will make you thrive on a treadmill.
  2. "Stronger" – Kanye West. This song will definitely make you feel stronger and keep your heart pumping when you feel like giving up. If you are used to listening to metal during your workout, this is a great switch-up and it's very refreshing.
  3. "Rollin'" – Limp Bizkit. This song in particular is great for keeping your legs moving if your a runner. The lyrics "breathe in, now breathe out" will instantly remind you to keep your breathe steady while running, not to mention the mental energy you feel when you hear this song. It keeps you rollin' so-to-speak.
  4. "Headstrong" – Trapt. This is not the typical workout song, this song is more a 'fight' song. This song will make you feel headstrong enough to finish your workout and keep the pace. It gives you inspiration to fight when you feel like backing down from your workout.
  5. "Sexyback" – Justin Timberlake. This song is not only a full on motivational workout song to keep you looking sexy, but it instantly makes you feel great. It doesn't have too fast of a beat – it's slower tempo but fast enough to keep you moving. Playing this song will make you forget you are actually working out and make you feel like your in the club.
  6. "Push It" – Static X. This is another pure song of energy to fuel your body and mind back up when you feel like you are at your breaking point during a workout. It's high energy, fast, and angry all at the same time.
  7. "Get Back" – Ludacris. This is another great switch-up song to add to your workout list. This song will oddly motivate you with the bully/bad-ass lyrics of this song. This makes you feel confidence that you might not feel once you get tired mid-workout.
  8. "The Game" – Disturbed. This one is sure to get you amped by just the sheer energy of the song. It starts off with a great beat and follows through with a loud, fast and heart rhythm all the way through.
  9. "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" – Drowning Pool. This is a power house song. If you want a motivational workout song, this can get your blood pumping in the beginning, middle or last part of your workout just by the extreme instrumentals. This song is definitely one to breakout when sluggishness sets in.
  10. "'Til I Collapse" – Eminem. This is a workout anthem that everyone should have one their play list. If you want a truly motivational workout song, this is the one. If you listen to Eminem's lyrics carefully, it's almost like he is coaching you to give it your all until you collaspe, himself. It's a truly powerful workout song.
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