10 Best Motocross Rims

Getting involved with a motocross sport means a certain amount of equipment will be needed, and getting the best motocross rims from the start can give a rider a great competitive edge. Here we will take a look at some of the best motocross rims available. 

  1. Moose Racing Aluminum rims are a great way to enhance a dirt bike. They stay in an affordable price range, front or rear set being priced under a hundred dollars. They are made from aircraft aluminum and heat treated making these some of the strongest rims available. 
  2. Excel A60 Mx Front Rims are of the highest quality making them some of the best motocross rims available. Their price range comes in under two hundred dollars for the front or back set. They are made from a special 7 series aluminum that is unique to this rim alone. These rims retain less dirt and mud and keep a look that is different from any other rim on the market. 
  3. Excel Color Works Mx rims give an attractive edge to the ride. These come in a variety of colors and are strong enough to land them a position in the best motocross rims. They are made of anodized aluminum, and cost a little over one hundred and fifty per set. 
  4. Pro-Wheel Aluminum rims are another brand that gives the rider many colors to choose from. These best motocross rims are 7116-1 aluminum and heat treated for extra strength. They cost just over a hundred dollars. 
  5. DID Front Dirt Star Rim is a higher budget rim, just under two hundred dollars, but still one of the best motocross rims. They come in sizes that fit most motocross bikes, and use stock spokes. They are lightweight and constructed from series 7 aluminum.  
  6. Excel Takasago 7000 series rims come in at around the hundred dollar mark. These are some of the best motocross rims because they made from aluminum alloy and are ideal for racing. They are great for competitions and off road riding.  
  7. DID ST-X was designed for world class motocross racing. This is one of the best motocross rims available because it is compatible with manufacturer's hubs and spokes, and is much stronger than many other rims. 
  8. Warp 9 complete wheel sets are a great way to modify a dirt bike's wheels. They have anodized 7000 aluminum rims. They are available for many different makes of bikes and come in a large variety of different colors. They are also on the higher end of the price range but are complete sets.
  9. Rad manufacturing complete wheel sets are a wonderful way to modify a bike. They range around a hundred dollars per wheel, are complete and made of stainless steel. They also come in a variety colors and are available to fit most bikes. 
  10. Factory Effex Complete wheel Mag series is for the serious rider. This rim is in the upper price range, but is made of an exclusive blend of 7000 series aluminum. This blend gives the wheel flexibility, and yet strength to make even toughest rides comfortable. 
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