10 Best Motorcycle Exhausts

The standard exhaust system on your bike may not be all you want, which is why it is good to know about the 10 best motorcycle exhausts.

  1. Termignoni. This is the system that most Ducati riders use. The company also provides standard exhaust for some factory specific Ducati bikes. There are different models and you could get models that would fit sports bikes, as well as road legal silencers.
  2. Akrapovic. When you consider performance, there is hardly a model that can beat an Akrapovic. They are world leaders in making the best motorcycle exhaust systems for sports use. Race teams in “Superbikes” and “MotoGP” use Akrapovic. Now they have also come out with less expensive models which are suitable for those who can’t afford their top range.
  3. Staintune. While their models are a bit on the expensive side, the Australian manufacturer’s products’ performance, looks, and sound are all top of the line. They manufacture for top companies including BMW, Honda, Triumph, and Suzuki.
  4. Fuel. If you are looking for a system that provides good performance and stylish looks at an affordable price, take a look at Fuel models. They give you good performance at a much lower price. They also cater to most important brands including BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Triumph
  5. Yoshimura. They specialize in performance models and are the world’s largest performance motorcycle exhausts manufacturer. They bring out full systems as well as slip on models for many of the top bike brands. They also have a partnership with Suzuki racing.
  6. Triumph Standard. Triumph bikes’ standard, while not the greatest in terms of racing performance, is exemplary to look at. The performance is good enough that any misses could only be spotted by a professional. The models come at an affordable price when compared to others.
  7. Blue Flame. Blue Flame makes both car and motor cycle exhausts. Their Evo range is suitable for both sports use as well as road use. They provide high power as well as good sound.
  8. Aprilia. Aprilia is another motorcycle manufacturer who has good standard exhausts; specially, the one on Moto 6.5 motor cycle is considerably good in terms of aesthetics as well as performance. 
  9. Scorpion. Scorpion has access to top bikes direct from the manufacturers and produce motor cycle exhausts with good power and good sound at an affordable price. Scorpion does not concentrate on just top end power gains but on improving throttle response as well.
  10. Leo Vinci. They provide systems for racing bikes as well as road bikes and cater to races such as “Moto GP.” Michael Laverty’s British Superstock title is one of their triumphs.

Depending on the bike, the best motorcycle exhausts may vary. There are also smaller manufacturers who cater to your individual needs, but the above are the best.


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