10 Best Motorcycle Sunglasses

Any motorcycle rider will want to know about the 10 best motorcycle sunglasses. Eye irritation is just one problem that can turn a fabulous ride into a dreadful one. The proper sunglasses can keep your eyes shielded from the sunlight, wind, and other elements that cause such irritation.

  1. Bobster Shield 2 smoked lens motorcycle sunglasses. The lenses on these sunglasses are colored a smoke color, shatter resistant, and offer UVA and UVB sunlight protection. These are an affordable option for the motorcycle rider with a limited budget.
  2. Wileyx Air Rage motorcycle sunglasses. This is the perfect pair of sunglasses for the rider who prefers to have his eyes completely sealed off from the elements around him. The sunglasses come with a removable facial cavity seal to keep the bugs, dirt, and grime from irritating your eyes.
  3. DRAGON Transit motorcycle sunglasses. The Transit sunglasses offer a frame that is made from propionate material and 6.0 base curve lenses. The larger fit is a style that is popular among many motorcycle riders.
  4. Birdz Eyewear motorcycle sunglasses. The company that makes this particular style of sunglasses are known for their high quality. This particular pair of sunglasses offers polarized lenses that exceed the FDA requirements for resistance to cracking and shattering.
  5. Mad Dog Smoked Foam Padded motorcycle sunglasses. If you have occasional skin irritation from the bumping and jolting of your sunglasses while you ride, then you may want to try these sunglasses. The foam pads attached to the inside of the frame prevents the glasses from slipping and moving around on bumpy rides. This pair of sunglasses is offered by Global Vision.
  6. Freedom 43110 Mirrored motorcycle sunglasses. Many people prefer to wear the mirrored style of sunglasses but need the protection that comes with a pair specifically designed for motorcycle riders. The Freedom 43110 offers both the protection you need in the style you want.
  7. Body Specs BSG-2 motorcycle sunglasses. Versatility is offered with this pair of sunglasses. They are interchangeable between goggles and sunglasses, and offers interchangeable lenses as well. The lenses are available in grey, orange, and clear, and the frames are offered in red, black, chrome and purple.
  8. Windmaster Foam Padded motorcycle sunglasses. The Windmaster sunglasses are simplistic in style but offer many features. The polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof, provide UV protection, and have an anti-fog coating.
  9. River Road Rider motorcycle sunglasses. The River Road brand has been providing motorcycle riders with various products for many years. Their sunglasses are high quality and provide the aerodynamic design that is needed to keep the wind out of your eyes.
  10. Eyeride Denali motorcycle sunglasses. Get a complete seal around your face with these motorcycle sunglasses. The foam padding will mold to the shape of your face to give you a solid seal from the elements.
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