10 Best Mountain Bike Camps

From snowy mountain capped views, to the most breathtaking and expansive desert landscapes, this collection of the top 10 best mountain bike camps and trails will satisfy every adventurer from child to advanced bicyclist.

  1. Yosemite National Park. With over twelve miles of paved bike trails and thirteen camping sites, Yosemite boasts the most scenic mountain bike camping experience. Bike rentals are available for a mere $25.50 for a day pass and are offered through reservation at (209)-372-4fun, or are also rentable on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area. From sandy beach camping spots to mountain side stretches, the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area delights a wide range of terrain and accommodations. Day passes are free to hikers, picnickers and cyclists alike, and camping ranges from $2.00 to $200.00 a day depending on accommodations.
  3. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 70 million years of natural history and evolution have shaped Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Feel the excitement of being in the presence of the earth's two most active volcanoes. Mountain bike camp adventures are a perfect idea for everyone from families to extreme cyclists and backpackers. Start out on your mountain bike journey before 10 a.m. as heavy traffic on roads and trails is common between 10 a.m. through the late afternoon. 
  4. Redwood National Park. Protected since the 1920's, Redwood National Park in California is home to endangered spices and some of the oldest trees in the nation. Choose from six mountain biking trails ranging from easy to moderate and there are even campsites developed to be family friendly. For the more adventurous traveler, Redwood National Park offers back road travel and rural camping spots.
  5. Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Diverse plant and animal life flourish in the scenic view of this great National Park. Cades Cove Loop Road, which is closed to cars for part of the year, helps make Great Smokey National Park the most visited National park in the country. Bikes can be rented from Cades Cove Camping Store, (865) 448-9034. Day trips are free while over night camping costs from $14.00 -$23.00 a night. Cades Cove Loop Road is closed to vehicles from May 5th to September 22nd annually.
  6. Death Valley National Park. Death Valley is a strange union of harsh desert landscapes and snowy peaks. There are literally hundreds of miles of mountain bike camps and trails in Death Valley National Park and six of the nine camping areas are equipt with flushing toilets. Mountain biking through Death Valley is strenuous and would not be the best choice for families with young children.
  7. Grand Canyon National Park. With 277 miles of river and a depth of a mile, this 18 mile expanse is a true sight to be marveled at. Mountain bike riding is easy and affordable at Bright Angel Bicycles (located at the Canyon Visitor Information Plaza) and shuttles to bicycle only areas are available. Day bike rentals start at $25.00 dollars for renters seventeen and under, while the adult fee starts at $35.00. Fees include helmet, safety vest and leg strap.
  8. Yellow Stone National Park. As the countries first National Park, Yellow Stone has both history and natural wonders alike. Bicycling in Yellow Stone is not recommended for children due to the length and difficulty of bike routs, as well as all roads being shared by both cars and cyclists.
  9. Arches National Park. The beautiful and strange landscape of Arches National Park in Utah houses over 2,000 natural arches and fifty camp sites. Biking can be done both on dirt and paved roads, but be prepared for times of heavy traffic throughout the park.
  10. Colorado National Monument. Big horn sheep and eagles inhabit the towering rocks of Colorado National Monument. While being an incredibly beautiful journey, traveling by mountain bike is equally dangerous. Bikers must ride in single file at all times and have proper lighting in both the front and back of the bike.



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