10 Best Mountain Bike Cycling Shoes

You need a strong foundation when riding a mountain bike, so here are the 10 best mountain bike cycling shoes. Mountain bike shoes that work great for one person may not work for another person comfortably. Before you buy a pair of shoes online, try a pair on at your local bicycle shop if possible.

  1. Sidi Dragon II Carbon SRS This mountain bike shoe is one of the best cycling shoes because of its carbon fiber soleplate. The soles also have replaceable treads and the option to screw in toe spikes.
  2. Shimano SH-M310 This top of the line mountain bike shoe comes with an upper and a moldable insole that will mold to your feet. These lightweight shoes are designed to be comfortable and to keep your feet cool.
  3. Mavic Fury A very cushiony insole mixed with the thick lugs on the bottom of this shoe makes the Mavic Fury one of the ten best mountain bike cycling shoes.
  4. Northwave Razer S.B.S. Carbon The lugs on this shoe provide excellent traction when you are off your mountain bike, yet the lugs are extremely lightweight, so you will not have any added weight when pedaling.
  5. Mavic Chasm This is one of the ten best mountain bike cycling shoes because it has a well-vented tongue to keep your feet cool as well as an EVA foam insert to cushion your feet. As with all quality mountain bike shoes, get some deep lugs to help provide traction when you need to get off the bike and carry it through the mud.
  6. Sidi Dominator 5 This mountain bike shoe uses a synthetic leather upper, which feels like real leather and is very abrasion-resistant. This mountain bike cycling shoe comes with an adjustable ratchet so you can tighten the fit of the shoe while you are still hooked into your pedals. The Sidi Dominator 5 is the best mountain bike cycling shoe because the upper will mold well to your feet. The more you use the Sidi Dominator 5 cycling shoes, the more they will feel like custom shoes.
  7. Shimano SH-M230 Custom Fit The Shimano has heat-moldable soles and side panels to make the shoe fit perfectly to your feet. This shoe uses a synthetic upper and does not have a lot of ventilation. In warmer climates, this shoe will make your feet extremely hot, but on a cold winter ride, this is one of the ten best mountain bike cycling shoes.
  8. Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. These mountain bike cycling shoes are easy to wear as they come with two hooks and loop closures on top as well as a ratchet style adjuster. The wide toebox makes this shoe extremely popular with riders who like to have room for their toes to wiggle around.
  9. Shimano SH-MW80 Cold Weather If you need a pair of mountain cycling shoes you can wear in the winter, this may be the shoe for you. It is fabricated with Gore-Tex fiber to keep your feet dry. If you ride or commute in snow, rain and cold weather, you need a pair of these cycling shoes.
  10. Northwave Rebel S.B.S. These are among the ten best mountain bike cycling shoes because they are comfortable and durable. These shoes can take a beating and still last. The shoe fits snugly as a mountain bike shoe should, yet has ample room in the toebox for your toes to wiggle.
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