10 Best Mountain Bike Trails In California

Get ready to go off road with these 10 best mountain bike trails in California. The golden state has tons of mountain bike trails to choose from for any skill level. Mountain biking became a mainstream sport in the 90s. Remember to always wear protective gear before hitting the trails.

  1. Hurkey Creek in Idyllwild, California. This is a eight miles of mountain bike trails that has something for all skill sets. This is the Official 24Hour course that is used for the 24 hours of Adrenaline Series Race that is held in the area. If you do not have a pass then parking is $2. The course consists of one main loop and then several other sections that are separated by a gate. The gates will be unlocked and then you will need to open and close them.
  2. Henry Coe Stat Park in Morgan Hill, California. This is a great fifteen mile mountain bike trail for beginners and can take around two to three hours if you do the whole trail. This is a single track on rolling hills and you can see some beautiful scenery.
  3. China Camp State Park in San Rafael, California. This is a thirteen mile mountain bike trail that is suitable for intermediate skills and above. This is one of California’s most popular state parks so the trails can be crowed on the weekends. For less traffic, try going early in the day during the week. The park is located on the shore of San Pablo Bay.
  4. Forest Hill Divide Loop Trail in Auburn, California. This twelve mile trail is suitable for intermediate skills. Depending on the yearly weather conditions, the hills might be steep.  Keep a watchful eye out for hikers and horse riders since this is a popular trail for their use as well. You should also ask for a trail map since there are other trails that will feed into this one.
  5. French Gulch Run in Redding, California. This is a total of a hundred miles of trails that is suitable for intermediate skills (There are a few trails that are better suited to advance skills). There are many trails to choose from and they each offer unique challenges. Traffic is usually light because there are so many trails. It is best to bring a friend and lots of water.
  6. Little Pine Mountain in Los Olivios, California. This is 22 miles of trail that is suitable for intermediate skill levels. This is a rather steep trail and if you are not used to this type of terrain be sure to use caution.
  7. Mission Trails Northern Loop in San Diego, California. This is a twelve mile trail for intermediate riders and should take around one to two hours. Mission Trails Regional Park offers many other trails for different skill sets. This trail goes up one of the canyons. Because of its location this is a very popular trail and it can get over crowded.
  8. East Long Canyon Trail in Simi Valley, California. This is nearly six miles of trails that are suitable for advanced skills. This is a very steep trail that makes for a difficult climb.
  9. The 60s Trail in Riverside, California. This is a short three mile trail that is for advance skills. Be warned that this is a very difficult trail and you should not try it unless you are an experienced mountain biker.
  10. Mr. Toads in Lake Tahoe, California. This is twenty miles of advanced trails and a very small portion of the trail is on a paved road. This trail has been featured in many bike magazines for the challenges it offers and for the view at the summit.
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