10 Best Mountain Cycling Shoes

This article will present the ten best mountain cycling shoes on the market. Mountain cycling shoes are a special class of shoes. Knowing what to buy when looking for mountain cycling shoes takes an understanding of the sport. Mountain cycling shoes come in all flavors and sizes. You will be able to fold in some of your personal style when buying mountain cycling shoes. Get familiar with the ten best mountain cycling shoes detailed blow. Head out to the store and try on a few varieties of mountain cycling shoes before making your purchase. Mountain cycling shoes can be expensive but if cared for properly will last years.

Mountain biking is a great outdoor sport. It doesn’t have to be expensive if you buy the right gear and quality. Mountain biking is a great way to hit the outdoors and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

  1. Shimano SH-M310 Custom Fit Mountain Bike Shoe. This shoe is undoubtedly the best shoe on the market. It feels more like an extension of your foot than a shoe. The custom fit hugs the foot comfortably and provides protection, comfort and true fit. Unbeatable on the market and should be the first look of any serious mountain biker.
  2. Northwave Razer S.B.S. Carbon Shoe. This carbon constructed shoe is ultra durable and lightweight. This is the lightest shoe on the market and offers the same longevity as non-carbon shoes. The undersole is versatile and built for mountain biking. This great fitting shoe offers comfort, fit and durability.
  3. DMT Watt MTB Cycling Shoes – SPD, Carbon. This a great shoe for mountain biking and racing. This comfort fit shoes provides exceptional fit and molds to the foot. Its carbon construction boasts fatigue-fighting properties based on its weight and added cushion.
  4. Shimano SH-320 Custom Mountain Bike Shoe. This the second entry in the top ten for Shimano. This is another exceptional shoe. It offers much the same as the 310 but at a lower price. You can expect to be pleased with the comfort, style and feel of this Shimano shoe as well.
  5. DiadoraX-Trail Carbon Evo Mountain Bike Shoe. This built specifically for high mountain adventure. The undersold is a grip and hold hard rubber construction with a padded top layer for comfort. The material is lightweight and offers breathability and moisture absorbent material.
  6. Sidi 2010 GIAU Mountain Bike Shoe. This shoe offers a great fitting shoe that boasts durability and comfort. This shoe is more like a sock than a shoe, with the form fit and ultra comfort. Built to last and tackle the hardest mountain adventures.
  7. Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS – Mountain Biking Shoe. This shoe is a performance based shoe for the serious racer or professional rider. These shoes offer the best in design and fit. Superb under sole and top end construction offers the total package for the rider.
  8. Mavic Fury – Cycling Shoes. This shoe provides additional security with an exceptional strapping mechanism that will keep the shoe on the foot at all costs. This shoe provides comfort, with a sleek and friendly design. This exceptional adventure shoe will provide comfort throughout the day.
  9. Northwave Aerlite S.B.S. MTB – Mountain Biking Shoe. This shoe is the next offering from Northwave providing comfort and fit. This shoe is made for high altitude adventure and attitude. You will enjoy the feel and mobility of this shoe.
  10. Sidi Dominator 5 – Mountain Biking Shoe. This shoe has superior fit and design with a built in strapping system has the competitive market scrambling. Exceptional fit, style and feel of this shoe makes it a great addition to the top ten.
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