10 Best Movie Dances

Here are the 10 best movie dances.  Not many things are more entertaining than a great dance number, especially when it involves skilled dancing with a great beat. When the music moves the dancers, they can make you feel more alive and sometimes it’s hard not to follow their lead and dance along with them.

  1. "Dirty Dancing." Jennifer Grey plays Baby, a woman who falls in love with a dance instructor, played by Patrick Swayze. At the end of the movie, the two of them perform a steamy dance number together.
  2. "Grease." Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, this classic film is chock-full of great dance scenes. But, none of them can compare to the final dance scene that has the leading lady rocking a sexy makeover and wooing the boy she loves with her dancing and singing. The two of them perform one of the best movie dances of all time.
  3. "Saturday Night Fever." John Travolta adds to the list again when he dances in "Saturday Night Fever" to the song, "Stayin' Alive."
  4. "Moulin Rouge." This is yet another movie that is chockfull of breath-taking dance scenes. The one that made our list of the best movie dances is the very first dance scene in the film. It's sexy and energetic.
  5. "Footloose." Another wonderfully entertaining dance scene full of energy is the opening scene of "Footloose."
  6. "Titanic." Jack and Rose steal away to a party with the poor people after sitting through a very boring get-together with the rich folks. Jack shows off his dancing skills and Rose joins in.
  7. "Napoleon Dynamite." Napoleon saves the day for his best friend when he gets on stage and busts some moves. The performance earns him a standing ovation from his fellow peers.
  8. "Jailhouse Rock." Elvis Presley dances in this movie to the song, "Jailhouse Rock."
  9. "Risky Business." Tom cruise dances in his underwear. What more needs to be said?
  10. "True Lies." Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis share one of the most memorable scenes when Jamie's character dances for her husband. However, at the time of her performance, the character doesn't know it's her husband who's watching.
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