10 Best Movie Dancing Scenes

The 10 best movie dancing scenes range from the classic musicals that charmed and wowed audiences decades before to new films with well-choreographed musical numbers added into them like an exotic spice or practical special effect. But that's the wonderful thing about dancing: it works in many different genres of film in many different time periods. While some of the best dancing scenes are the predictable lot, a few are films you would never immediately think of.

  1. "West Side Story": One of the greatest musicals ever made obviously has some of the greatest dance scenes ever caught on film throughout. What makes "West Side Story" truly one of the best is the passion and emotion behind each musical number, conveying the feeling that these dance scenes meant so much more.
  2. "Scent of a Woman": A blind Al Pacino tangoes with a beautiful woman who he meets by the smell of her. Tango classes will be at the top of your list if you are single after seeing this scene.
  3. "Strictly Ballroom": An Australian sleeper movie, "Strictly Ballroom" relies on it's dance numbers to make it the independent classic that it is today. The dance sequences in this film are breathtaking in their skill and physicality as well as entertaining enough to make you actually care about ballroom dancing.
  4. "Pulp Fiction": The dance scene in the second story of "Pulp Fiction" between John Travolta and Uma Thurman may be one of the best modern dance scenes ever filmed, primarily because it is elegantly natural in it's delivery, much like the dialogue and action throughout the film itself. The best part about it is that director Quentin Tarantino made up the whole thing.
  5. "Saturday Night Fever": Travolta (maybe no so strangely) has another epic dance scene in "Saturday NIght Fever," helping to bring disco to the popular mindset for a few years. Then the drugs wore off and everyone realized it sucked.
  6. "Top Hat": The classic Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers cheek-to-cheek dance scene in top hat is still better then any summer blockbuster action extravaganza.
  7. "Singing In The Rain": Arguably the greatest musical ever made, "Singing in the Rain" holds no punches in every single one of it's movie dance scenes, allowing the dancing to integrate itself perfectly into the flow of the story.
  8. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off": The parade movie dancing scene in this John Landis comedy classic may be one of the happiest moments film audiences experienced in the 80's, perfectly reflecting the excitement of being young and alive in high school.
  9. "500 Days of Summer": One that usually slips through the cracks, the dance scene in "500 Days of Summer" only serves to reinforce how original this romantic comedy is within a genre that is seemingly devoid of any amount of real originality anymore.
  10. "Swingers": A swing dance scene in a guy dating movie? "Swingers," the little low-budget male driven romantic comedy that could, pulled it off with a guy who we never knew could dance and a pretty girl we desperately want him to get. A wonderful way to end a film about dating in L.A.


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