10 Best Movie Lesbians

If you feel like watching some girl-on-girl action, check out this list of the 10 best movie lesbians. Many famous actresses have sizzled on the screen in a number of steamy lesbian scenes. The majority of these movies also are genuinely good flicks, so you’ll enjoy the on-screen moments that occur outside the bedroom as well.

  1. Corky (“Bound”). The Wachowski Brothers directed this guy-movie thriller that features two hot lesbians. Gina Gershon heats up the screen as a tough lesbian cop who seduces Jennifer Tilly and goes on the run with her after stealing millions of dollars. On the way, they share some smoking hot sex.
  2. Gia Carangi (“Gia”). Angelina Jolie played a lesbian model living fast in this ‘90s biopic. Along the way, she gets naked a lot and brings other women into the action. The notable hookup that you will have to play back: Jolie’s character gets it on for several minutes with Elizabeth Mitchell, who went on to become a fan favorite on “Lost."
  3. Lisbeth Salander (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”). Technically, this character is bisexual, but that only makes her hotter. Swedish actress Noomi Rapace plays the bad-to-the-bone hacker who is a fan of both men and women in the movie adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s book series. If you want to see Lisbeth’s exploits in English, check out Rooney Mara, who will be staring as the title character in David Fincher’s English adaptation.
  4. Betty Elms (“Mulholland Drive”). Naomi Watts sizzles as a wide-eyed young actress in David Lynch’s nightmarish but thought-provoking thriller. Elms’ character may or may not be a lesbian, but she stars in one of the hottest lesbian sex scenes in recent years. The scene features Watts sharing a topless moment with actress Laura Elena Harring.
  5. Catherine Trammell (“Basic Instinct”). Sharon Stone plays a dangerously seductive psychopath in this classic thriller. She hooks up with Michael Douglas but also has a lesbian lover. The movie is full of sex, not to mention Stone’s now-famous leg cross.
  6. Maria Elena (“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”). Penelope Cruz shines as the bisexual, tempestuous Spanish lover of Javier Bardem in this Woody Allen film. She shares some great lesbian moments with her co-star, Scarlett Johansson, when she starts up a relationship with her in the film.
  7. Cristina (“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”). You can’t mention “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” and not give Scarlett Johansson a nod for being a great movie lesbian. The scene is so steamy because of the fact that the two women are both sexy in their own different ways. You’ll be wishing every girl was as laid back about sharing a boyfriend as Johansson's character.
  8. Kelly Van Ryan (“Wild Things”). Who knows if Denise Richards’ character in this film was a lesbian or just seeking attention, but who really cares? She sizzles as a naughty high school cheerleader who has a thing for seducing teachers and getting it on with her tough-as-nails co-star and movie lesbian, Neve Cambell.
  9. Jessica Stein (“Kissing Jessica Stein”). Jennifer Westfeldt stars as a twenty-something woman who decides to ditch her failed relationships with men and try homosexuality. This quirky comedy featuring a very cute Westfeldt will have you hoping that she goes back to men so that you might have a chance with her.
  10. Max West (“Go Fish”). This film from the early ‘90s was one of the first films to feature a cast of all lesbians. It preceded shows like "The L Word” and chronicles the main character Max’s many lesbian love exploits.
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