10 Best Movie Love Scenes

These 10 best movie love movie have all left their mark as exceptional moments in film. They each represent the film's industry's ability to create memorable, sensual, and sometimes comedic romance scenes. If you are looking for the best movie love scenes, you should definitely consider looking back at these moments in film.

  1. "When Harry Met Sally," New Year's Eve Boat Kiss: After a plutonic relationship between two best friends, a friendship is shattered after the two sleep together. After wallowing in anger and confusion, the two friends remain quite distance. The final scene on the boat shows these two reuniting after Harry realizes his love for Sally (and subsequently vice versa). This is definitely one of the most memorable and successfully rendered love scenes in film.
  2. "Prince of Persia," Final scene: This film features a prince who tries to save the world with a Princess of a different city. After much bickering the two finally find they have feelings for one another. The final scene is one of the most beautiful and pure demonstrations of love and respect in film.'
  3. "27 dresses," Bar Scene: When a reporter and a bridesmaid get stuck in a car after hydroplaning, they angrily acknowledge they're stuck together. After going to a bar and drinking away their problems the two end up in far better moods. The scene ends with them singing to "Benny and the Jets" and sharing one of the most romantic kisses in film.
  4. "Dirty Dancing II," Dance Competition: Two people from different worlds, America and Cuba, unite to join a dancing competition. They join their backgrounds to work as dancing partners that create a unique blend of styles. When they finally compete the two exchange an impromptu passionate kiss in the middle of their well-choreographed dance.
  5. "Titanic," Car Scene: One of the most famous scenes in the film, this scene comes after a poor working-class traveler paints the wealthy Rose nude. The car scene shows the two passionately making love inside a car with foggy windows. It truly is one of the 10 best movie love scenes in film history.
  6. "Pretty Woman," Balcony Scene: In this film a wealthy business man, Edward Lewis, hires a prostitute to stay in his hotel for several days. When prostitute Vivian Ward leaves, Edward returns to state his love for her as she stands outside in her terrace. It is a truly heartwarming and loving scene.
  7. "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," final scene: When a writer pretends to be a crazy girlfriend to cause a guy to break up with her, she doesn't realize he is dating her simply to win a bet. The bizarre relationship ironically ends in romance between the two. A discovery of their real purposes for dating leads to a angry breakup of the relationship, which is then saved in the end when he chases her taxi to claim his love with a romantic speech.
  8. "Stanger than Fiction," Flower Scene: When a tax auditor is assigned to audit a flower shop owner, he finds himself facing a woman's angry brunt against the U.S. government. Awkwardly, he is unable to address his feelings for her. When he finally demonstrates his love, he does so with an array of flowers, which is one of the most creative and romantic gestures seen in film.
  9. "13 Going on 30," Swingset Scene: When a thirteen year old is fast-forwarded through time to her 30 year-old self, she finds herself estranged from her best friend Matty. Slowly the two rekindle their relationship until the soon to be engaged Matty kisses her next to the swingsets. The scene is romantic and happy as it ties adult love with a youthful playground setting.
  10. "Nanny McPhee," Wedding Scene: A father about to marry a terrible woman has his children sabotage his wedding (without his knowledge). After a number of disasters that the children create, he realizes his love for his children's caretaker. The scene's beautiful realization of his love and the beauty of the formally unnoticed caretaker makes for a truly touching love scene.
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