10 Best Movie Scenes Ever

 If you're searching for the 10 best movie scenes ever filmed in the history of cinema, then set your eyes on this list of masterpieces. Since the dawn of cinema, there have been countless memorable scenes from movies – scenes which inspired us, made us cheer, made us cry, made us laugh, scared us to death, and made us hold on tight to the edge of our seats. From the Titanic's final plunge into the Atlantic ocean to the explosive finale of "Backdraft", these are the 10 best movie scenes ever.


  1. Darth Vader's Revelation in "The Empire Strikes Back". Nothing is more memorable and iconic as the scene during Luke's duel with Darth Vader where he finds out that Vader is his actual father. This scene is so popular that it's been referenced and spoofed time and time again ever since.
  2. The Truck Convoy in "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Step aside "Fast & Furious", now this is how you film an exciting chase sequence. Indiana Jones pursues a truck convoy that carries the Ark inside of it, but he must hop onto the truck and take out the Nazis before he can drive off with it. This is one of the most thrilling chase scenes ever filmed in an action movie.
  3. The Beach Battle in "Saving Private Ryan". If there's any perfect way to capture the realism of World War II on film, it's through Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan", or more specifically, the film's opening battle on the beach. Right from the get go, this opening sequence immerses you right into the world of World War II.
  4. The Finale in "Backdraft". This dazzling, special effects-filled finale in "Backdraft" has our two heroic firefighters trapped inside of a crumbling factory where a huge and raging chemical fire has erupted. Catwalks tear in half, barrels rocket into the air, platforms bust apart, sparks fly, and the entertainment factor soars with some of the best pyrotechnics shot on film.
  5. Securing The Mall in "Dawn of the Dead". This two-sided scene from the original "Dawn of the Dead" has our four heroic characters attempting to close off the shopping mall's main doors with trucks and then taking care of the ones left inside by using an on-display car. Both parts of this scene have many nail-biting close calls that will have you rooting for the characters to make it all the way through.
  6. The Missing Screw in "The Breakfast Club". This scene from the classic '80s flick, "The Breakfast Club", is full of intense conflict and comedic genius. And it all stems from one of John Bender's pranks when he decides to steal a screw from the teacher's door. What results is a funny, yet dramatic, scene between Mr. Vernon and John Bender, containing some of the finest dialogue ever written.
  7. The Workout in "Repossessed". This spoof of "The Exorcist" has the young and inexperienced Father Luke attempting to convince the older and wiser Father May-I, played by comedian/actor Leslie Nielsen, to assist him with the exorcism as he works out at the gymnasium. This scene has contains some of the funniest screwball gags found in comedy films.
  8. The Attic in "REC". The finale scene of "REC" inside the attic apartment contains a sense of fear that remains unmatched by any horror film in the past ten years. Filmed completely in night vision, the two remaining survivors hide from the possessed Medieros girl as she roams the attic with a large hammer. 
  9. Judgment Day in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". The second "Terminator" film contains the best depiction of what a nuclear bomb is capable of doing. This nightmarish sequence which Sarah Connor experiences during the middle half of the film injects an intense atmosphere of dread and destruction. 
  10. The Final Sinking in "Titanic". James Cameron masterfully captures the sense that it's the end of the world for the passengers of the Titanic in this ending sequence as the ship breaks in half and prepares for its final plunge into the Atlantic. This is one of the most apocalyptic scenes ever captured on film, and only James Cameron does it best. 


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