10 Best Movie Shower Scenes

The 10 best movie shower scenes come from a wide range of eras and from many types of movies. Some are scary, some are funny and just about all of them are sexy. There's something private about these 10 best movie shower scenes, a voyeuristic quality that, in some ways, defines what movie-making is all about: watching other people in their most intimate moments. Here are the 10 best movie shower scenes:

  1. Janet Leigh in "Psycho." What may be Alfred Hitchcock's defining scene as a filmmaker is possibly more famous for what you think you see than what you actually do see. People reported being appalled by the nudity, and the graphic violence, though not a single frame depicted either. The screen tricks used in this famous scene (which killed off a movie's biggest star very early on) are still imitated to this day. It surely belongs at the top of the list of 10 best movie shower scenes.
  2. Kevin Spacey in "American Beauty." For pure humor, the scene near the beginning of "American Beauty" depicting Kevin Spacey's character "taking care of business" as part of his dull daily routine rates as one of the 10 best movie shower scenes. It also helps to set up the character's struggle against boredom early on.
  3. Multiple girls in "Porky's." The ultimate teen sex movie of the 1980s found teenage boys (many of whom were played by guys who looked to be pushing 30) spying on the girls' locker room shower. The scenery is mostly nice, but the twist comes at the end. It's a painful twist for the guys watching.
  4. Beverly D'Angelo in "Vacation." For a while, it seemed every comedy had a gratuitous shower scene. Beverly D'Angelo's "talented" turn in "Vacation" is to thank for that. It's funny she showed it all, but Christie Brinkley, as Clark Griswold's fantasy sex object, did not.
  5. Bruce Willis and Jane March in "Color of Night." This erotic thriller didn't offer much in the way of plot or character development. What it did offer was a number of pay-cable-popular sex scenes, one of which, because of the loveliness of Miss March, places it on this list of the 10 best movie shower scenes for all the wrong (or maybe right) reasons. It is definitely at the top of the list for teenage boys.
  6. Matthew Broderick in "Election." Matthew Broderick played a nebbishy, put-upon teacher in "Election," pretty much the opposite of his career-making turn as Ferris Bueller. His pitiful shower scene in the film, washing his crotch under a hotel room faucet in preparation for an extramarital tryst, is a great moment of dark humor in a movie full of them. Viewers could never look at Ferris the same way again.
  7. Sarah Michelle Gellar in "The Grudge." Another shower scene played for scares, not laughs or titillation. The erstwhile Buffy's scene has an effective scare.
  8. Angie Dickinson (and her body double) in "Dressed to Kill." Perhaps director Brian DePalma's most famous homage to Hitchcock in a career full of them was the opening shower sequence in "Dressed to Kill." Like Janet Leigh, Dickinson, the film's biggest star, didn't make it very far into the running time.
  9. The cast of "Starship Troopers." The co-ed marine shower in the sci-fi thriller—and anti-Nazi spoof—"Starship Troopers" shows a very casual conversation occurring between many naked people of both sexes. This look at a desexualized future makes for an interesting entry into one of the best movie shower scenes in recent memory.
  10. Kelly LeBrock in "Weird Science." The fantasy creation played by Kelly LeBrock joins her creators in the shower for one of the funniest and sexiest movie shower scenes of all time. This silly entry closes out the list.
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