10 Best Movies Of The 2000s

The 10 Best Movies of the 2000s—it was an awesome decade, with all the war, abuses of Presidential power, and terrorist attacks anyone could wish for. And yet people still looked to their movie theaters for entertainment. And so here are the 10 best movies of the 2000s.

1. "Dancer in the Dark" Lars von Trier is famous for making his audiences as uncomfortable as possible, so it may seem odd for him to tackle the musical film genre. After all, musicals are all about ignoring the troubles of real life in favor of a catchy tune, right? But in "Dancer in the Dark," the contrast between the splashy musical numbers and the crushing reality of life is depressing and (almost) unwatchable. It's one of the best movies of the 2000s and also one of the most depressing. Have fun!

2. "Muholland Dr." Hollywood can seem like the most wonderful place on Earth, if you're so inclined to believe such things. It can also seem like a culturally vacant wasteland that chews people up and spits out their souls. "Mulholland Dr.," in addition to being chock full of creepy pictures and sounds, is about the possibility that Hollywood is both of those things at the same time. Also, lesbians. Oh, are there lesbians. The best kind of lesbians.

3. "Bubba Ho-tep" As everyone knows, the "Elvis Presley" who died in the 70s was not the real King of Rock and Roll, but was instead an impostor who filled in for the rightful King according to the King's whims. "Bubba Ho-tep" is for some reason the only movie to blow the lid off of this conspiracy, and for that reason it's one of the best movies of the 2000s. Well, actually, it's because it's an outstanding, one-of-a-kind horror/thriller/comedy starring Bruce Campbell as Elvis. Or maybe it's both.

4. "A Mighty Wind" Remember Spinal Tap? They were so loud, right? Well "A Mighty Wind" comes close to giving us the Spinal Tap reunion movie we all want. One problem: They're not loud anymore, and they play…folk music. Still, what it lacks in rocking it makes up for in laughs (it's almost as funny as Tap). Quite possible the best movie of the 2000s that features Harry Shearer in a dress.

5. "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" Bill Murray. Willem Dafoe. Jeff Goldblum. Fish. Glocks. Revenge.

6. "Caché" Did you know that watching movies makes you a filthy voyeur? Well, you will after seeing this. Somewhat paradoxically, this movie that makes you feel bad about watching movies is not only one of the best movies of the 2000s but one of the best of all time. Watch it again and again and try to solve the puzzle of who-did-what-and-why.

7. "Bug" Have the afternoon free? Then why not spend it on a terrifying journey into the exciting world of paranoid schizophrenia with Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon? This is a pretty polarizing movie, but we happen to think it's one of the best movies of the 2000s. Disagree and be wrong.

8. "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" A beautiful, lyrical Western. We'd write more about it, but the title takes up so much space that there's no more room. Sorry!

9. "Stuck" This movie tells the heartwarming tale of a young nursing home assistant who hits a homeless guy with her car and leaves him in her garage stuck (hey, that's the name of the movie!) in her windshield instead of calling the proper authorities. Like most unbelievable stories like this, it's based on a true story. Don't get stuck (sorry) on the factual details though—just hang on for the ride (sorry again)!

10. "The Wrestler" Quite possibly the only movie on this list that made "Rowdy" Roddy Piper openly weep. If that doesn't make you want to see it, we don't know what to say. Ram Jam!

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