10 Best Movies About Africa

The 10 best movies about Africa are the real ones that are historically accurate and culturally alive. According to "Blood Diamond's" famous quote: “ TIA (This is Africa). Third Cinema throws light on the plight of third-world countries complete with poverty, propaganda, politics, protests, prisons, war and prejudice. Cinematic portrayals of Africa do not come glossed over in peachy fantasy; they are raw, truthful, and realistic.

  1. "Blood Diamond" (2006) is a riveting movie about the illegal diamond trade in Africa. Modern day post-colonialism and exploitation are prevalent themes. This film awakened the world to the plight of child soldiers, wanton bloodshed, warfare, political unrest, and vicious greed.
  2. "The Last King of Scotland" (2006) is a best movie about Africa, told from a foreign observer’s perspective. It recounts the autocratic regime of President of Uganda Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) from 1971-1979. This African movie narrates the notorious practices of Uganda’s dictator, his demagogic control, self-aggrandizement, and carnage of about 300,000 Ugandans. Macabre scenes.
  3. "Hotel Rwanda" (2005) is a movie about Africa which resurrects an experience of living through genocide. This movie highlights the common denominators with which most African countries struggle: tribal conflict, warfare, poverty, and political instability. Mass killings, treachery, and most of all, the hard lot of the children trapped in the clash. The benevolence of a few Rwandans saved the lives of thousands left to die.
  4. "Sometimes in April" (2004) is another movie staged in Africa that opens the eyes to the bloodbath in Rwanda in April 1995. Shown in flashback about nine years before in 1995, the protagonist Augustin, is not yet reconciled with his past, not knowing the whereabouts of his family he has not seen since their separation. Sometimes in April is rife with Hutu propaganda, international paralysis, and victims
  5. "Battle of Algiers" (1966) is a movie, set in Africa which paints a vivid picture of French colonialism, perceived terrorism, and female revolution. Algiers is a nation in rebellion for independence. Complete with torture chambers, war processions, and propaganda, the witness sees the inhumanities and injustices peculiar to Africa.
  6. "Sarafina" (1992) is one of the best movies about Africa.The state of chaos, the underground movement which eventually frees South Africans from their masters. "Sarafina" undergoes change and development in tandem with South Africa’s repressed ecomony. Human cruelty, the armed forces versus civilians anxious for change, the censorship that a teacher (Whoopi Goldberg) disregards in order to educate and liberate her pupils.
  7. "Cry Freedom" (1987) is a best-selling movie about South Africa under the Apartheid regime. South African Apartheid will always be etched in the memory of the South African’s mind and the world’s. "Cry Freedom" denounces the political repression of a majority hushed in silence and rendered powerless. A powerful icon, Steven Biko (Denzel Washington) pays with his life for daring to speak out. Liberating.
  8. "Tsotsi" (2006) is a highly acclaimed, best movie rooted in Africa. A South-African gangster movie (Tsotsi, means gangster in Afrikaans) demonstrates in living color street life in a shanty town for a poor, delinquent orphan. For survival, "Tsotsi" follows no morals and has no adult guide. His callousness is softened by a child and its dependence on him for survival. Real issues, real poverty, delinquency, and death. 
  9. "The Constant Gardener" (2005) (Ralph Fiennes) in Africa movie splendor, best represents Africa’s exploitation. Mega pharmaceutical companies transact clandestine experiments, operations and perform hidden executions. The constant gardener unearths buried stories which need digging up. This movie depicts a rich Kenyan village-culture, but dirty deals and underhanded politics.
  10. "Amistad" (1997) is a best African-based movie, depicting Chattel Slavery and the illegal slave trade that still persisted after it was abolished. The movie delves into the group of America-bound slaves held hostage and who keenly desire to return home to Africa. On American soil, the slaves are embroiled in a legal battle for freedom. Gripping, litigious movie.
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