10 Best Movies About Alcoholism

What are the 10 best movies about alcoholism? The best movies about alcoholism are those that capture the viewer's interest and may relate to the viewer on some level.

  1. Leaving Las Vegas (1995): Nicholas Cage plays Ben Anderson, a screenwriter whose wife left him, taking their son with her. Ben begins drinking and becomes isolated, spending a lot of time in bars. After he is fired from his job, Ben decides to go to Las Vegas, where he meets a prostitute, Sera (played by Elisabeth Shue), who has her own set of problems.
  2. Days of Wine and Roses (1962): Jack Lemmon plays an alcoholic named Joe Clay who meets and marries Kristen Arnesen. Joe introduces Kristen to alcohol, resulting in her forming an addiction as well. The two alcoholics have a baby during the movie, further complicating their addiction.
  3. The Lost Weekend (1945): Ray Milland plays a newly recovering alcoholic named Don Birnam. Through the movie, Don experiences flashbacks of his life and the bad choices he has made due to alcohol.
  4. I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955): Susan Hayward plays Broadway and Hollywood star Lillian Roth. Lillian begins drinking following the death of her fiancé. Her alcoholism leads her into a couple of bad relationships followed by an unsuccessful suicide attempt.
  5. Clean and Sober (1988): Michael Keaton plays real estate agent Daryl Poynter, who has an addiction to alcohol and cocaine. After checking himself into a chemical dependency program, Daryl meets recovering alcoholic Craig (played by Morgan Freeman), who does not buy into Daryl's lies and excuses.
  6. Under the Volcano (1984): Albert Finney plays alcoholic Geoffrey Firmin, who is living in a small Mexican town. During the movie, viewers are brought through a day in the life of Geoffrey as he copes with his problems by drinking.
  7. Barfly (1987): Mickey Rourke plays alcoholic Henry Chinaski, who spends most of his time in bars. During the movie, he becomes involved in a relationship with another alcoholic, Wanda Wilcox (played by Faye Dunaway).
  8. Factotum (2005): Matt Dillon plays aspiring writer Hank Chinaski, who has a problem with alcohol. His alcoholism causes him to become involved in a bad relationship, be fired from various jobs, and bet on horses.
  9. Withnail & I (1987): Two unemployed actors, Withnail (played by Richard E. Grant) and Marwood (played by Paul McGann), escape to a cottage owned by Withnail's uncle, where there are no modern conveniences and it rains nonstop. The two decide to medicate their frustrations with alcohol and other substances, which leads to a test of their friendship.
  10. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994): Meg Ryan plays Alice Green, a wife and mother who battles with alcoholism. After an accident, Alice seeks treatment for her alcoholism. Alice's husband, airline pilot Michael Green, also seeks treatment for his problem with codependency.
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