10 Best Movies About Bands

Although it's not too hard to choose the 10 best movies about bands, there are probably more bad ones than good ones. Let's focus on the positive, however.

  1. "Almost Famous" Director Cameron Crowe was probably the first one to truly capture the rock & roll lifestyle in fiction with this heartwarming, yet rocking, film.
  2. "The Blues Brothers" Sam & Dave, the original Blues Brothers, made far better music. Yet this was just good fun. And how can you knock a film with guest appearances from both Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles?
  3. "Dig" Most people have never even heard of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. This is a band that was caught fighting each other on the night of its big showcase gig. Had they all gotten along, who knows, they might have ended up famous.
  4. "The Last Waltz" The Band got the Martin Scorsese treatment here. He both loves and knows rock & roll, and it shows.
  5. "This is Spinal Tap" Anybody who loves to laugh at rock's excesses appreciates this classic. It goes well past eleven.
  6. "Personality Crisis" There's a scene where these guys–dressed as women–are walking through an airport. Nobody got New York Dolls then, but they were sure ahead of their time.
  7. "The Kids Are Alright" Don't let their recent Super Bowl performance fool you; The Who was once a great band.
  8. "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" No other rock film gives so much insight into the evil music business. That business is almost dead now, and there are few mourners to be found. Ah, but Wilco is still alive and well, God bless 'em!
  9. "Gimme Shelter" Some say this Rolling Stones concert at Altamont, where a Hell's Angel 'security guard' stabbed an audience member, marked the end of the "peace and love" '60s. And they may be right.
  10. "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars" This is David Bowie at his weird best. And just to watch the late Mick Ronson on guitar is worth the price of admission.
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