10 Best Movies About Breaking Up

The 10 best movies about breaking up are mostly comedies. It is this way because when people watch a movie about such a sad situation, they want to be able to laugh at it. Everyone experiences a break-up sometime in their life. They have already felt that pain and loneliness, now they want to laugh at it. Enjoy the following 10 break-up movies for a good laugh, and maybe a couple of tears.

  1. “The Break-Up” is a movie about exactly what the title states. This 2006 movie tells the story of a couple who seem to fall out of love. They live together, so, of course, the tension gets high. This great movie about breaking up stars Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston as the doomed couple.
  2. “High Fidelity” is a flick from 2000 that tells the tale of a music store owner as he falls in love. John Cusack plays Rob, the love sick guy that must figure out why all of his ex-girlfriend's left him. This is a great movie for anyone who loves Cusack and/or music. Also stars his sister Joan and Iben Hjejle.
  3. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is about a guy who goes on a vacation in Hawaii to get over a recent break-up. Unfortunately he runs into his ex there with her new beau. But alas, new love ensues. This best movie about breaking up stars Jason Segel, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis.
  4. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is a movie from 2004 about a couple who get a procedure done that erases them from each other's memory. Somehow, fate has a different path for them though, that just might lead them back to each other. This break-up film stars Jim Carray and Kate Winslet.
  5. “Hope Floats” will bring tears to the watcher's eyes. This 1998 film is about a messy divorce, and the break-up happens on national television. The jilted wife moves back home with her daughter and has to learn to live with her mother again. This heart wrenching film stars Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. 
  6. “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is a lesson to all not to date a superhero unless you are in it for life. This 2006 flick stars Uma Thurman as a jilted girlfriend who chooses to wreak havoc on the life of her ex after he dumps her because she was too needy. Also stars Luke Wilson and Anna Faris.
  7. “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” is a film about a writer who uses a ladies man to get the scoop for her next featured article. A cute film that shows how annoying men can be and how annoying women can be, when it comes to the extremes of a relationship. This addition to the list of best movies about breaking up stars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. 
  8. “Chasing Amy” proves that director Kevin Smith has a knack for movies about broken relationships. This is a movie about love, loss, broken hearts and about causing a lesbian to fall in love with a straight guy and the confusion that it causes with everyone. A heart felt, funny, 1997 flick starring Ben Affleck, Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams.
  9. “Mallrats” is another Kevin Smith film, from 1995. This one is about two guys whose girlfriends dump them and what they do to get them back. A hilarious film, set mostly within a mall. This break-up film stars Shannen Doherty Jeremy London, Jason Lee and Claire Forlani.
  10. “Closer” is a movie about deceit and lies. Two couples lives and relationships are put in jeopardy when the man from one falls for the woman from the other. This is the one movie about breaking up on this list that is absolutely serious, there is no laughing here. “Closer” stars Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. 
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