10 Best Movies About Business

If Hollywood made the 10 best movies about business, and they were strictly business as usual–so to speak–they'd probably bore us all to tears. Perhaps business-related is a better description of this list, as they're all about life, and just happen to involve places of business.

  1. "It’s a Wonderful Life" Everybody thinks of this film as a Christmas story. And it is. But it's also all about bank failures, mortgage failures, and that sort of thing. Timely, eh?
  2. "Citizen Kane" This is all about the newspaper business, and is ever so thinly based upon the life of newspaper tycoon, William Randolph Hearst.
  3. "Wall Street" The movie that gave us the famous line, "Greed is good." That was wrong. It's still wrong.
  4. "Tucker: The Man and his Dream" This is based on the true story about a man that took on the auto industry. I wonder if he'd have more luck now, now that the auto business is so down and out. He could easily pass Toyota, that's for sure.
  5. "Trading Places" In this movie about business, Wall Street is the setting for two old stock traders who get done in by their own scheme.
  6. "Glengarry Glenn Ross" You'll never think of the ABCs (always be selling) the same way after watching this David Mamet-written masterpiece.
  7. "Office Space" If you're boss keeps bugging you about 'those reports,' whatever they are, remember what happened to the office in Office Space.
  8. "Jerry Maguire" Yes, even the sports business has its good guys and bad guys.
  9. "Goodfellas" When it comes to the mob, there are only bad guys. Really bad guys.
  10. "Nine to Five" The movie where girls just want to have fun, and get revenge in the process.
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