10 Best Movies About College

It wasn’t easy, but here is the list of the ten best movies about college.  It turns out that, for some reason, most movies about college are bad comedies.  Some of those bad comedies even made their way onto this list.  Can you spot them?

  1. “Animal House.”  Where would the modern college movie be without “Animal House?”  Perhaps more intelligent, but definitely less funny. The one frat house comedy to rule them all, “Animal House” has single-handedly led to more toga parties than any other movie in existence.
  2. “Wonder Boys.”  This movie fits into the disaffected yuppie professor sub-genre that has been done so often, but rarely with the competence of this movie.
  3. “Rules of Attraction.” This movie was also adapted from a novel. As such, it is also much darker than the other movies on this list, although also funnier than most of them. It doesn’t live up to the brilliance of the novel, but on its own, it stands up pretty well.
  4. “Kicking and Screaming.”  A cautionary tale about the inability to leave college behind, this movie follows a group of aimless slackers as they try to figure out what to do after graduation.  Like “Rules of Attraction,” it also has Eric Stoltz in a minor role as a creepy older guy you probably would not want hanging around your college-age daughter.
  5. “The Paper Chase.” Completing the hat trick of college movies adapted from novels, “The Paper Chase” tells the story of a first-year student at Harvard Law School and his relationship with a particularly demanding professor.
  6. “Horse Feathers.” The oldest movie on this list by far, “Horse Feathers” is a classic comedy starring the Marx brothers. Much of the humor of this movie revolves around college football, but it also has several musical numbers including the classic ode to nihilism, “Whatever It Is, I’m Against It.”
  7. “Revenge of the Nerds.” Many of the best movies about college revolve around various people getting their comeuppance, whether it be the overbearing dean of the college, or the rival frat house. In this film, non-nerds get theirs. If you’re a nerd and you’re proud of it, you may have looked to this movie for inspiration.
  8. “PCU.” Anyone who has ever been on a college campus where political correctness has gone out of control, can appreciate this movie. It skewers both the left (in the form of perpetually protesting, humorless vegans) and the right (represented by the always-shrill David Spade and his frat house cronies). The ultimate message, leave your political hang-ups at the door and have fun. 
  9. “Back to School.” Ahh, Rodney Dangerfield. Will he ever get the respect he so desperately craves? In this movie, he plays an annoying rich guy who goes back to school for some reason.
  10. “Rudy.” The ultimate college football movie. Enough said.
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