10 Best Movies About Computers

Here are the 10 best movies about computers We love these movies because it is common knowledge that our technologies will some day take over and rule. Of course, that’s what we get for making computers smarter than us.

  1. "Tron" (1982) The Master Control Program wants to stop the human Flynn from proving his creator is a thief. The MCP pulls Flynn into the computer, and with the help of a program named Tron, Flynn must survive the games, ride Light Cycles, and stop the MCP before getting de-res’d. All while dressed exactly alike with bright colorful lights. Tron is probably the best of the movies about computers.
  2. "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) Probably the first movie to realize that technology is going to evolve into killing machines, "2001: A Space Odyssey" introduces HAL 9000. This vicious computer teaches us a big lesson about what not to do with technology, a lesson we have since ignored. Of course, many would say that there was no HAL 9000 in 2001, but give him some time.
  3. "Ghost in the Shell" (1995) This movie about computers comes from the Japanese anime. In it, the Puppetmaster–what a fitting name for a computer–can conduct terrorist attacks as well as hack into people’s memories and brains. Since the people rely so heavily on computers to even think, there is no hope.
  4. "Short Circuit" (1986) Johnny 5, as he is later known, is one computerized robot on the list of movies about computers that wants to do only good. The original robots were built as killing machines, but number 5 gets zapped by lightning and becomes alive. With the help of a pretty girl, 5 has to try and escape his pursuers who plan to “disassemble” him.
  5. "WALL-E" (2008) Another good robot, WALL-E is a cute machine who just wants to do his job.This is one of those movies about computers that suggests we are going to end up relying on technology and robots to do our living for us. With the help of WALL-E and his crazy antics, it is the robots that will help the humans get out of their hover loungers and onto a Stairmaster.
  6. "Alien" (1979) Even though the computer in this movie is named Mother, it is also the reason for most of them getting killed by an evil alien. Mother monitors the ship, but wakes the group up from their sleep chambers to tell them there is something they need to check out. Thinking everything is fine, because Mother said so, the crew heads off to their deaths.
  7. "The Matrix" (1999) In this movie about computers, the world is nothing but a computer program, and the people in it are just programs living a false life. In reality, people are slaves and harvested. Although this might be a bit extreme in the computers-take-control theme, it does make for some nifty gravity defying fight scenes.
  8. "D.A.R.Y.L." (1985) The consensus seems to be that if a computer looks cute, then it cannot be bad. Put a computer into a small boy’s brain, and there you go, instant good guy with amazing technological abilities.
  9. "Electric Dreams" (1984) So far in this list of best movies about computers, the technology has killed and controlled. In Electric Dreams, the computer, Edgar, also tries to steal a girlfriend. He tries to woo her with his musical talents, but sadly realizes their love can never be.
  10. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979) While Edgar believed he could not be with a human he loved, this Star Trek movie claims that a human that loves a computer can succeed. VGER is a computer that is destroying ships and heading toward Earth. It is up to the crew of the Enterprise to find out what VGER is and stop it. They fight this battle with love.
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