10 Best Movies About Dancing

If you're a lover of musicals, these 10 best movies about dancing won't disappoint you. From sweet to funny to full of energy, the film industry loves movies about dancing. Whether you're looking to be inspired or just want some great music, there's a lot of dancing to be found in Hollywood.

  1. "Saturday Night Fever" John Travolta can easily be credited with making disco known around the world thanks to this movie. This coming-of-age story features a soundtrack by the Bee Gees and some of the best-known movie songs in history.  
  2. "Dancing in the Rain" Gene Kelly’s umbrella dance is an iconic image from the 1950s. This movie about dancing is considered one of the best musicals ever created. The film explores Hollywood’s switch from silent films to talking movies and how the stars are affected by the change.
  3. "Dirty Dancing" With an ending that features one of the most famous dance scenes in the history of film, "Dirty Dancing" is a movie not to be missed. Patrick Swayze is at his best here as the rebel Johnny, who falls for the sweet and innocent Baby, the daughter of a well-to-do family. Lots of steamy dancing and a great love story to boot.
  4. "West Side Story" A modern musical take on Romeo and Juliet, "West Side Story" became a classic among music lovers as well as those looking for a magical love story. Rival gang families dance their anger away in a film that inspired a whole generation.
  5. "White Nights" Real-life ballerino extraordinaire Mikhail Baryshnikov plays the role of a dancer trying to escape from Soviet Russia. Aided by American tap dancer Gregory Hines, they hatch a plan to make their way out until Hines’ wife (a Russian national) becomes pregnant and the dancers are forced to make a choice that will change their lives forever.
  6. "Flashdance" Alex (Jennifer Beals) dreams of a future in dancing, but she’s stuck in a blue-collar job at the local steel mill. When she falls in love with her boss, he uses his contacts to help her land an audition to enter the prestigious local conservatory. After much debate and a fall at the start of her routine, Alex gets on her feet again and successfully completes the audition.
  7. "Save the Last Dance" When a young dancer (Julia Stiles) moves in with her estranged father into a rough neighborhood, she puts all her anger and pain into dancing. Along the way, she falls for a local African-American hip-hop dancer, who helps her overcome her past.
  8. "The Gay Divorcee" This classic 1934’s movie starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is a screwball comedy movie about dancing featuring some of the most famous dance moments in movie history. There’s never been a pair with more chemistry on the dance floor than Rogers and Astaire and this is particularly obvious in this picture where most of the plot revolves around a series of marriage misunderstandings and a lot of dancing.
  9. "Step Up" A disadvantaged boy and a privileged, spoiled girl are forced together for the school’s dance showcase. While there are lots of haughty attitudes at the beginning, the pair eventually makes it work and wow everyone with their group dance show.
  10. "Grease" A film created after the musical of the same name, this movie about dancing showcases a mix of fantastic elements (guardian angels, animated sequences), lots of dance numbers and youth rebellion. If you’re just looking to have fun rather than looking for a movie that makes complete sense, "Grease" won’t disappoint. 
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