10 Best Movies About Family

The 10 best movies about family are movies that show us the dynamics that make up a family.  Whether it be a drama, comedy, or a mixture of both, these movies really know how to portray everything that makes up a family.

  1. "The Godfather"  A very well known gangster movie about a  family in the mob, starring Al Pacino. "The Godfather" was so successful that it became a triology. 
  2. "Christmas Vacation" It seems like Christmas brings out the best in families in this comedystarring Chevy Chase.  One of the funniest of the ten best movies about family.
  3. "Meet the Parents"  Ben Stiller plays a Jewish male nurse trying to win the approval of his girlfriend's parents in this slapstick comedy. 
  4. "Cheaper by the Dozen" A movie that portrays a family with twelve crazy kids and how their parents survive.  It stars Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt.  This movie is another hilarious comedy in the ten best movies about family.
  5. "Four Christmases" Yet another Christmas comedy in the ten best movies about family.  This one stars Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn who play a couple who got stuck traveling to different family Christmas parties that they have been able to avoid for many years.
  6. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" A comedy about a girl feeling trapped in her large Greek family.  She is expected to keep Greek traditions going.
  7. "Ordinary People" One of the few dramas in the ten best movies about family.  It stars Donald Sutherland.  He plays a father whose accidental death of his older son deeply strains the families relationship.
  8. "Yours, Mine and Ours" Another large family comedy in the ten best movies about family.  It is about two huge families that come together to create total chaos.
  9. "Everybody's Fine" In this film,  Robert De Niro plays a widower who tries to improve his relationships with his adult children.
  10. "Up in the Air" This movie stars George Clooney who plays a single man.  He has no desire to see his family and prefers to spend his life traveling for business.  This drama is a unique entry for one of the ten best movies about family.
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