10 Best Movies About Hollywood

Here are the 10 best movies about Hollywood. If you've ever had show business dreams or ambitions, you'll especially appreciate these intriguing tales. Almost everyone appreciates a great movie, and some of these films gives great insight into what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood, California.

  1. "A Star Is Born" "A Star Is Born" is the story of a young woman in Hollywood. Judy Garland is at her best in the role of a young ingenue whose life at the top of Hollywood isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It's a story of passion and show business, a sometimes disastrous combination.
  2. "The Karen Carpenter Story" "The Karen Carpenter Story" tells a true Hollywood tale. As the biography of the singing superstar who passed away from complications of anorexia when she was only 32, this story is about how the pressures of Hollywood—combined with family and personal problems—can really chip away at a star's spirit. Included in the movie is how Karen was very upset when she was starting out and was called chubby by an insensitive Hollywood reporter.
  3. "Sunset Boulevard" "Sunset Boulevard" is a stark look at Hollywood in the 1950s. Norma Desmond was once a star of the silent screen, but this movie takes a look at what can happen when someone is placed on a pedestal, then pushed off it, as so often happens to Hollywood stars.
  4. "Singing in the Rain" "Singing in the Rain" is the classic movie musical starring Gene Kelly. It is a comedy that takes a look at Hollywood and its change to talking from the silent film era. It's an exuberant film to watch.
  5. "The Wilde Girls" "The Wilde Girls," from acclaimed playwright Del Shores, stars Olivia Newton-John and her real-life daughter Chloe Lattanzi. They play on-screen mother and daughter as well. Chloe plays a young girl determined to be a singer in Hollywood and also unravel the mystery of her past and the past of her mother, who was once a star herself. She runs away to Hollywood, then is supported there by her mother as she achieves her Hollywood dreams.
  6. "Notting Hill" "Notting Hill" is the story of a Hollywood star and who she is at heart. Julia Roberts stars as Anna Scott, a beautiful woman and the most popular Hollywood star. However, it also includes the downside of the life of a star, including how the character has been starving for years in order to keep her acting career hot.
  7. "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" is an iconic movie about Hollywood from 1962. It stars Bette Davis and the infamous Joan Crawford. Two aging actresses and sisters have to deal with the aftermath of once great careers, and it's enough to drive someone mad.
  8. "Life with Mikey" For a more light-hearted approach to Hollywood, watch "Life with Mikey." "Life with Mikey" stars Michael J. Fox as a former child star who now works as a Hollywood agent. The child actors playing the child stars are memorable as well. It's a fantastic comedy.
  9. "The Holiday" "The Holiday" is a 2006 Christmas movie from the great Nancy Meyers. It involves two women doing a house exchange to switch up their lives for two weeks. Iris, portrayed by Kate Winslet, winds up in Hollywood and befriending a Hollywood legend, Ernie. Although that aspect is a side story, it's an overall memorable movie about Hollywood. Nancy Meyers movies always leave you feeling good.
  10. "Get Shorty" "Get Shorty" is an eccentric movie about Hollywood from 1995. It stars the great John Travolta, and it's based on the book by Elmore Leonard. This movie touches upon just what may happen when the mob gets involved in film production.
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