10 Best Movies About Interracial Relationships

The ten best relationship videos about interracial relationships feature several ethnicities crossing the taboo lines of race and love. Asian, African-American, White, Italian, Latino—love knows no color or background in these romances.

  1. “Jungle Fever” (1991) A black man has an affair with an Italian woman. Not only do they come from very different cultures, but the man is married and the woman is engaged. When their friends and families learn of the affair, it opens a gigantic can of worms and racial hostilities.
  2. “A Bronx Tale” (1993) This movie follows a young boy, Calogero, through childhood and his teenage years. During that time, he rebels against his traditional Italian father to associate with a local mob boss, then later rebels again in order to date a young black woman, which goes not only against his father’s wishes but his Italian neighborhood’s taboos as well.
  3. “O” (2001) Based on Shakespeare’s “Othello”, “O” is about a black high school basketball star, Odin, who is dating the school president’s daughter, who is white. The basketball coach’s son hatches a plot to ruin Odin by manipulating him, his girlfriend, and the school president. This is the most intense movie about interracial relationships ending in true Shakespearean fashion.
  4. “Wayne’s World” (1992) Wayne is a white wannabe rocker who hosts a cable access show named after him. Cassandra is Asian and the lead singer and bassist for a hard rock band. Together, they form one of the funniest and most memorable movies about interracial relationships.
  5. “The Bodyguard” (1992) When a white bodyguard is hired to protect a black singer from a crazed stalker, the two fall in love and he ends up stealing her heart. He tries to keep the relationship strictly professional, but their true love cannot be guarded.
  6. “Monster’s Ball” (2001) This is a tale of a bigoted corrections officer (Billy Bob Thornton) who abuses his son to the point of suicide and executes a convicted murderer. Eventually, the officer and the murderer’s African-American wife (Halle Berry) hook up after her son dies, and together their interracial relationship provides comfort while they grieve the loss of their children.
  7. “Jackie Brown” (1997) A black stewardess, Jackie Brown, who smuggles money for a gun runner falls for a local, white bail bondsman. After she’s caught smuggling by the ATF at the airport, Jackie Brown is targeted for murder by the gun runner. But together with the bail bondsman, they devise a plan to defraud the gun runner of $500,000 and get her out from under his thumb for good.
  8. “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” (1993) Bruce Lee was a famous Chinese martial artist and major movie star during his time, nearly single handedly popularizing martial arts films. “Dragon” shows his rise to stardom as well as the struggles in his relationship with a white American woman who he later married.
  9. “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (1967) The grandfather of movies about interracial relationships, “Guess” is about John Prentice, a black man dating a white woman, who is taken home to meet his girlfriend’s friends and family. Both must overcome objections and hidden racism from their respective families in order to stay together.
  10. “Love the Hard Way” (2001) A white thief and a Hispanic college student with completely different backgrounds fall in love. A sweet, intense, and tragic love story that perhaps most closely resembles Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” among all the movies about interracial relationships.


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