10 Best Movies About Love

How do you choose the 10 best movies about love when thousands of them have been made? Well, you don’t. Instead, you pick the ten that pop into your head first. There is a reason why those movies about love entered your mind before any others, and that’s because to your brain, they are the best.

  1. "Moulin Rouge" (2001). When Ewan McGregor belts out a sappy tune, every love-struck girl sighs with adoration. This movie about love teaches us that you can’t make someone love you, you can’t help who you love, and that these lessons are best taught through spectacular, and over-the-top, song and dance.
  2. "500 Days of Summer" (2009). When the narrator of this movie said that it wasn’t about love, he was lying. This fun and quirky movie most definitely is about love. It shows us that who we think is the one, the best person for us, might not be. What we need to do is look a little closer and keep our eyes open to what else is around us.
  3. "West Side Story" (1961). "Romeo and Juliet" is the saddest love story ever written. When put to song with dancing gang members, it is somehow still the saddest love story ever written. "West Side Story" is a movie about love that proves you can’t help who you love, no matter how different they are from you (wait, that’s "Moulin Rouge"),that love can overcome all obstacles except death ("Moulin Rouge," again), and that it is best described through song and dance (there seems to be a pattern here).
  4. "The Princess Bride" (1987). "As you wish," this movie about love immediately comes to mind for the list. There is more than just romantic love in this movie. There is love for revenge, love for torture, and a love for the word “inconceivable”.
  5. "Shakespeare in Love" (1998). We all know that Shakespeare did not look that good, and that he spent most of his time re-writing the same story instead of in a forbidden woman’s bed, but we’d all like to pretend "Shakespeare in Love" is a true movie about love. Although we would have a hard time imagining that Ben Afleck in doublet and hose was real.
  6. "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993). How could a story where the lovers don’t meet until the very end be one of the best movies about love? Because it is. The characters discuss love and life throughout the movie, connecting them in the viewer’s eyes before they ever connect in the movie.
  7. "Love Story" (1970). Can’t help it. Have to say it: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Not only is "Love Story" one of the saddest movies about love, but it also has one of the saddest theme songs. It is such a simple story, which makes it more poignant and allows every viewer to connect with it.
  8. "The Notebook" (2004). Nicholas Sparks writes predictable sappy books that immediately get turned into predictable sappy movies. The one exception is this movie about love. Anyone with a heart will cry while watching this movie. It’s not the story that makes you cry, but the fact that the man has to remind the woman he loves that she loves him.
  9. "Steel Magnolias" (1989). Not all movies about love are about romantic love. "Steel Magnolias" is a heartbreaking movie about the love of family and friends. This movie teaches with plenty of tears that you are never alone when things go wrong as long as you have friends. Even if they are weird and quirky with big smelly dogs.
  10. "The Wedding Singer" (1998). Adam Sandler in a winning romantic comedy? Seems impossible, but true. "The Wedding Singer" is a movie about love that goes beyond Sandler’s stupidity and creates a fun and sweet romance. He managed to repeat it with "50 First Dates," but this one came first.
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