10 Best Movies About Money

If you are wanting to get motivated to save money, check out the 10 best movies about money. They represent a lot of different perspectives on money, from greed to realizing that you only get what you give. Most of these movies may look familiar, but there's probably at least a couple you haven't seen. Give them a chance, or make it a movie marathon.

  1. "Pulp Fiction" This movie is about many things, yet it's money that's a common thread that keeps the story going. The diner robbery, featuring an obscenity-filled, memorable, although short, monologue, shows the desperation that can result from needing money badly.
  2. "Wall Street" This is one of most well known and critically acclaimed movies about money. It's directed by Oliver Stone, and it stars Michael Douglas. Memorable lines from the film include, "The main thing about money, Bud, is that it makes you do things you don't want to do."
  3. "Indecent Proposal" This film stars Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson. It tells the story of what happens when a couple who are in deep need of money are given a proposition. A man offers them a million dollars for one night with the wife.
  4. "You Ruined My Life" One of the little seen, underrated movies about money. It stars a young Soleil Moon-Frye and Paul Reiser. Paul's character gets in trouble when he's caught cheating in a casino. Yet he is met with a proposal from the casino's owner. If he teaches and tutors the owner's young niece, the casino owner won't press charges and place him in jail. In the process, they all learn more about life than the value of money.
  5. "Trading Places" A great comedy that stars Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. As its title slightly suggests, it's the story of a rich man who becomes poor, and it's the story of a poor man who becomes rich. How life can change based on your income is chronicled in this light-hearted tale.
  6. "It's a Wonderful Life" This is probably the ultimate of the movies about money. It follows the life and story of George Bailey, a man whose life has been continuously delayed by a lack of money and a wealth of loyalty to his town, family and friends. Although it may look like it hasn't paid off, he ultimately gets back more than what he has given.
  7. "Annie" A charming movie focused on the characters of Annie and Daddy Warbucks, a billionaire. It's a great contrast of financial differences. Annie lives in poverty at the orphanage, then is escorted into a life of luxury at the mansion of Daddy Warbucks. Daddy Warbucks, portrayed brilliantly by Albert Finney, reveals why money has become so important to him: he lost his brother early in life, because his family couldn't afford to help him.
  8. "Capitalism: A Love Story" is one of the thought-provoking  movies about money by Michael Moore. It's a film that takes a long, hard look at money and this economy and system. It's definitely worth watching, considering and re-watching. You may just be inspired to take action from it.
  9. "Mad Money" is a fun comedy about money, its importance and the desperate schemes to get it. It is all about money, and it was even featured on a series of lottery tickets, aimed at people also longing for some mad money.
  10. "Two of a Kind" is another of the best movies about money. It stars John Travolta as a bank robber and Olivia Newton-John as the clever bank clerk who tricks him and winds up with the money for herself. Brought together and apart by money, it's a lovable comedy that you'll want to watch more than once.
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