10 Best Movies About Music

If you're looking for the 10 best movies about music, then you may have just found what you're looking for right here. These ten classic films cover a wide range of music that includes Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, R&B, '80s, and even Classical. These films are bound to either get you up out of your seat and moving around or at the very least inspire you in ways you can only imagine.

  1. "Fame." This drama/musical classic zeroes in on the lives of a group of students attending a professional performing arts high school in New York City, following them from their first year to graduation. "Fame" incorporates not only music but dancing and acting all into one unique masterpiece.
  2. "Notorious." Based on the true life events of the hit rapper, Notorious B.I.G., "Notorious" follows the life of the titular character from his early beginnings in elementary school to his unfortunate death at such a young age. "Notorious" features an ensemble of real life Hip Hop personalities.
  3. "High Fidelity." Based on the novel by Nick Hornby, "High Fidelity" stars John Cusack as Rob Gordon who is an audiophile who works in a record store and has one too many girl problems. Gordon conducts an investigation into his past relationships to pinpoint what exactly went wrong after getting dumped for the last time. The film serves as one of John Cusack's most memorable roles and music plays a huge part of the film, considering the job he has.
  4. "Ray." Jamie Foxx stars in the titular role of Ray Charles in "Ray," a biographical film following the 30 years in the life of the rhythm and blues music artist. This is one of Jamie's Foxx's best roles yet, following Charles from his early beginnings in Northern Florida to his massive success behind the piano keyboard.
  5. "8 Mile." Starring alongside Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy, and Mekhi Phifer, Eminem stars as the main character in this film that is based on a semi-autobiographical account of the rapper's early years in Detriot and rise to fame. The story of a white rapper struggling for respect amongst black friends is told very well and the film's music plays an important role.
  6. "Flashdance." Jennifer Beals stars in the role that made her a superstar. "Flashdance" tells the tale of a female factory worker who works as an exotic dancer at night and has an affair with her boss. While predominantly a dance flick, "Flashdance" does put a lot of emphasis on its own soundtrack that it qualifies as a classic music movie.
  7. "School of Rock." Jack Black plays a hard rock musician named Dewey Finn who gets kicked out of his own band and is forced to take upon a real job as a substitute teacher for a fancy prep school. Dewey discovers that his class is musically talented and begins to utilize them into a vehicle to stardom in an upcoming contest. "School of Rock" is a fresh movie in the music genre, presenting some awesome tunes and loads of laughs.
  8. "The Wedding Singer." If there's one iconic thing about the '80s, it was the music. If there's one movie that hits this nail on the head, it's "The Wedding Singer," an Adam Sandler comedy starring himself in the title role. This movie is totally '80s and has all the right musical tracks to make the atmosphere right again.
  9. "Dirty Dancing." This film follows the genre of dance and music combined flicks like "Flashdance" and "Fame." "Dirty Dancing" is as much about music as it is about dancing. The story is a coming of age piece about a teenage girl rebelling against her father in order to start a relationship with her dancing teacher during a summer vacation. The soundtrack of this film is classic and timeless.
  10. "The Sound of Music." What other classic film to touch upon the topic of music itself than "The Sound of Music"? This mesmerizing musical is two act masterpiece that is based upon the memoir of Maria von Trapp as well as the book by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse.



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