10 Best Movies About Psycho Killers

Here are the 10 best movies about psycho killers. Feeling on the edge? You might be in the mood for a good psycho killer movie. If so, grab some popcorn and check out one of these 10 greatest serial killer flicks.

  1. "Silence of the Lambs" (1991) directed by Jonathan Demme. This is the best psycho killer movie ever. Buffalo Bill is a killer on the loose sewing a garment made of human skin. A new agent, Clarise, must pick the brain of one of  the most heinous murderers of all time, Hannibal Lecter. Well acted and full of suspense, this movie is a must see.
  2. "Red Dragon" (2002) directed by Brett Ratner. This prequel to "The Silence of the Lambs" also deals with Hannibal Lecter helping a formerly retired FBI agent to catch "the tooth fairy" a serial killer played by Ray Fiennes. You get inside the mind of the killer as you did in "Silence of the Lambs."
  3. "American Psycho" (2000) directed by Mary Harron. Christian Bale couldn't have played the role of psycho killer better in this film. He runs about with a chainsaw in one scene and completely loses control at the end of the film.
  4. "Son of Sam" (1999) directed by Spike Lee. In 1977, serial killer, David Berkowitz, stalked the streets and bred fear in the masses. Spike Lee captures the terror caused by the Son of Sam.
  5. "Natural Born Killers" (1994) directed by Oliver Stone. This movie, starring Harrelson and Lewis, deals with a psycho killer duo. These two crazy lovebirds take perverse pleasure is causing pain on a killing spree. Disturbing.
  6. "Saw" (2004) directed by James Wan. You can't find a better psycho killer than "Jigsaw." The opening scene of this film is famous. Ultimately the motive of the killer is to teach the value of life. Ironic.
  7. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974) directed by Tobe Hooper. Based on Eddie Gein, who killed his brother and became a serial killer who wore the flesh of his victims, "The Chainsaw Massacre" tells the story of a group of people who are murdered one by one. Leatherface is the infamous psycho killer.
  8. "The Bone Collector" (1999) directed by Phillip Boyce. This psycho killer gives clues about his murders before they happen. Denzel Washington, who is crippled, along with the help of Angelina Jolie, try to stay one step ahead of the psycho killer.
  9. "Cape Fear" (1991) directed by Martin Scorsese. Robert DiNero plays a psycho killer who, while in prison, becomes educated and realizes that his lawyer helped to put him away. He takes matters into his own hands upon his release, and terrorizes Nick Nolte (the lawyer) and his family. Great film. Great psycho killer.
  10. "Copycat" (1995) directed by John Amiel. Not as well known as the others on the list, "Copycat" is a intriguing film about a forensic psychologist who ends up getting wrapped up in actual murder. Here the psycho killer is played by Harry Connick Jr.
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