10 Best Movies About Singers

These 10 best movies about singers differ from movies about rock bands because there is always that family dynamic to every group. But with singers, it's often the case of one man or woman against the world. Interesting people make the best music, and all these folks are nothing short of fascinating.

  1. "Ray" Jamie Foxx perfectly portrayed Ray Charles, and this fine film opened a window into a very private–yet iconic–soul singer's life.
  2. "Walk the Line" The best thing about this Johnny Cash story is how it looks back at the young country rebel; someone entirely different from the country statesman he'd become before leaving this world. A great among movies about singers.
  3. "Purple Rain" "Nobody understands your music but you," Prince's character was told during this fiction. Ah, but he must have heard that phrase a million times. Many times, it was probably also true.
  4. "Don't Look Back" Bob Dylan rips Donovan a new one in this documentary. He does the same with a journalist. Is this the same guy that mumbles through his songs now? An interesting example of movies about singers.
  5. "What's Love Got To Do With it?" This one made everybody love Tina Turner, and hate Ike Turner. Few movies have ever broken up a couple like that. But then again, Ike brought it on himself. Word to the wise–don't beat your wife.
  6. "The Rose" Bette Midler never rocked harder than when she was inhabiting the spirit of Janis Joplin. Deserving a spot in the ten best movies about singers.
  7. "Lady Sings The Blues" Even if you think Diana Ross is a shallow diva, you have to give her props for capturing Billie Holiday on screen.
  8. "Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock 'N' Roll" Nobody else but Chuck would have literally kicked Keith Richards off the stage, as he does here. He's just that important.
  9. "Coal Miner's Daughter" They don't make country singers like Loretta Lynn anymore. Here's hoping an new breed of female country singer sees this one and shakes up Nashville again. Then we can have more movies about singers.
  10. "The Buddy Holly Story" Gary Busey looked exactly like Buddy Holly, and could sing, too. It's also one of his few great roles.
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