10 Best Movies About Work

After a long, grueling day at the office sitting behind blaring computer screens and blinding fluorescent lights, what better way is there to relax than with one of these ten best movies about work? Whether it’s a stomach cramping comedy, or a witty, intelligent drama, the trivialities and nuances of people’s work environments are a constant source of inspiration for films. Even if you bounce out of bed every morning, excited to get into work, anyone can appreciate a great movie that pokes fun or highlights some of the worst aspects of the daily grind.  

  1. "Office Space." The mother of all work satires, ripping into nearly every facet and aspect of the cubicle dwelling office worker’s life. Hilarious and iconic in its nature, writer and director Mike Judge scored a major hit with this 1999 comedy, which was easily his best work.
  2. "American Beauty." A haunting, brilliant Academy Award winning drama where Kevin Spacey portrays a middle-aged suburban man entering crisis mode while realizing his hatred and disgust with nearly every aspect of his job and life. He becomes determined to turn his life around and find the true beauty and happiness in the world.
  3. "Clerks." The now cult classic movie created by Kevin Smith takes the disgruntled cashier to the next level. Jam-packed with offensive and crude humor, this movie still makes some intelligent insights in between spitting water on customers and closing the store for a hockey match on the roof.
  4. "Big." Tom Hanks leads the way in this timeless comedy where a young child learns what it really means to be an adult, including a full-time, fast paced job at a toy company.
  5. "What About Bob?" Bill Murray stars in one of the best work-centered comedies of the early '90s, playing an obsessive-compulsive man who demands an insane level of attention from his psychiatrist. Desperately doing everything to remain under control, the doctor eventually loses his mind in hilarious fashion under the incessant nagging of his patient.
  6. "Dirty Work." Two friends become involved in the dirtiest job of all, opening a revenge-for-hire business that takes them on a wild series of events. After losing fourteen jobs in three months, this turns out to be one type of work even they can’t fail at.
  7. "Swimming With Sharks." Kevin Spacey lands another spot on the list of best movies about work by playing a demanding, abusive Hollywood producer. His young assistant is forced to take revenge, turning his boss’ back-stabbing ways against him.
  8. "The Devil’s Advocate." The lucrative allure of fame, power, and wealth proved too much for Keanu Reeves’ character in this 1997 thriller. While he spends all of his time obsessed and drawn in by his work as a lawyer in New York City, the rest of his life begins to come crashing down in a violent, haunting fashion.
  9. "Waiting." A disgusting, offensive, and shocking depiction of the food service industry where employees vandalize the food, insult customers, and take their behavior to the limit. This comedy will have people thinking twice before hassling their server about some slightly overcooked hamburgers.  
  10. "Falling Down." Michael Douglas plays a recently unemployed defense engineer who completely flips his lid while trying to reach his daughter on her birthday. His work related stress pushes him to the brink, and some good old-fashioned Los Angeles traffic is the final straw that sends him off on a rampage of epic proportions.
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