10 Best Movies For The Blind

The 10 best movies for the blind offer the visually impaired a wide variety of movies to enjoy with their family and friends. Traveling to movie theater or relaxing in front of the television can be somewhat frustrating for many blind and visually impaired people. Thankfully, many of the best films made during the last few decades have enough dialogue and narration for a blind person to enjoy without assistance. Let's take a quick look at ten of the best movies for the blind.

  1. "Forrest Gump." This modern classic has one of the most useful elements necessary for the visually impaired to easily be able to follow a film: top-notch narration. Tom Hanks narrates nearly every important plot shift in the film as the story progresses through the turbulent decade of the 1960s, and this compliments memorable dialogue and a great soundtrack to make it very easy for a blind person to enjoy without assistance.
  2. "My Dinner with Andre." Blind movie lovers who enjoy engaging dialogue should be sure to check out this overlooked film at least once in their lives. The entire film takes place in a single setting as Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory discuss life, love and philosophy over a gourmet meal. The subtle dialogue makes this a perfect film for visually impaired people to enjoy and often leads to a stimulating conversation once the film is complete.
  3. "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Anyone who enjoys films that feature the bucolic setting and culture of the South will be sure to enjoy the well-crafted film. Like many other best movies for the blind, this film has great narration, as well as a small number of characters with voices that are easy to distinguish.
  4. "Rounders." This movie featuring a young Edward Norton and Matt Damon is another great film for the blind, as well as anyone who enjoys stories about the underground world of professional gambling. There are a couple of scenes at the poker table that are a little hard for the visually impaired person to follow, but the rest of the film is driven by dialogue and thoroughly enjoyable.
  5. "Slingblade." Blind individuals who are in the mood for a darker and more compelling film will find this film to be easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable.
  6. "The American President" While this movie may not be the finest story ever told, it is a perfectly charming film that is a nearly perfect film for the visually impaired to enjoy during a relaxing evening at home. Out of all of the best movies for the blind, this is the most light hearted, and the easy to follow story provides plenty of laughs and heart warming moments.
  7. "The Wonder Boys" This unusual film is a great movie for anyone who enjoys a quirky story and dark humor. There is plenty of dialogue and some light narration that makes the film pretty easy to follow for the visually impaired, but there are a couple of visual jokes and driving scenes that may require explanation.
  8. "Instinct." This film certainly is not for everyone, but the story is thoroughly entertaining and very easy to follow for a visually impaired person. Like "My Dinner with Andre," the movie takes place in a single room and is driven almost entirely by dialogue. The film is basically a long character study featuring two different types of philosophy and is not for the faint of a heart.
  9. "Taxi Driver." Arguably Martin Scorsese's greatest masterpiece to date, this film is an excellent film for the blind, but it is helpful to have a friend or family member provide a little bit of description on important details during a couple of key scenes. Nevertheless, the narration and dialogue are both truly inspired, and the film has become an important cultural touchstone that makes this a film that everyone will appreciate.
  10. "The Shawshank Redemption." Morgan Freeman provides pitch-perfect narration, and the small number of characters make it pretty easy for the visually impaired to appreciate. This is not just one of the best movies for blind people; it is one of the best movies of all time.
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