10 Best Movies For Boys

Whether the movies are exciting adventure movies or films that teach important life lessons, there are many choices for the best movies for boys. Friendship, treasure hunting and superheroes are all part of the movies that all boys love. Over time, the best movies for boys remain popular years after their initial release.

  1. “Stand by Me” – Based on a Stephen King short story, “Stand by Me” is one of the best movies for boys. The movie tells the story of a group of young boy’s friendship as they set out on a personal adventure. Corey Feldman and River Phoenix costar in the film.
  2. “Star Wars” – “Star Wars” is a great space adventure with robots, aliens and sword fights. The movie has everything a boy could want while not being overly violent or gratuitous. While the sequel turned darker, “Star Wars” remains one of the best movies for boys.
  3. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – Steven Spielberg made “Raiders of the Lost Ark” as homage to the exciting serials he enjoyed as a boy. Harrison Ford stars as the hero who races through the jungles on adventures and seeking treasure, the perfect description of the best movies for boys.
  4. “Spider-Man” – “Spider-Man” is based on the comic book character of the same name, a young boy who is given a great power. He has to learn how to properly deal with his new responsibilities. The movie is about boys, is made for boys, and teaches great lessons while remaining exciting, becoming one of the best movies for boys.
  5. “The Incredibles” – “The Incredibles” is one in the long line of amazing Pixar animated movies, and one of the company's best movies for boys. The movie tells the story of a husband and wife who used to be superheroes and come out of retirement to fight evil with the help of their super powered kids.
  6. “The Goonies” – Richard Donner directed this adventure movie, one of the best movies for boys. The movie follows a group of boys as they hunt for buried treasure while facing off with two bank robbers and their evil mother. The movie stars Sean Astin, Corey Feldman and a young Josh Brolin.
  7. “The Sandlot” – “The Sandlot” is a movie following a group of young boys who play baseball on a small field called the sandlot. The movie is one of the best movies for boys by teaching lessons of friendship, loyalty and bravery. It also is responsible for the quote: “You’re killing me Smalls.”
  8. “The Neverending Story” – Based on the children’s novel, this 1984 German film is a story within a story as Bastian reads a book about a hero named Atreyu and soon finds his world starting to change around him as the story progresses. This is one of the best movies for boys, a fantastical adventure igniting a youngster’s imagination.
  9. “Big Daddy” – Not many Adam Sandler films are appropriate movies for boys, but “Big Daddy” bucks that trend. Adam Sandler plays Sonny, a lazy, motivated guy who soon finds himself responsible for a young boy named Julian. Interestingly, two separate twin boys play Julian.
  10. “Back to the Future” – Michael J. Fox stars in this 1985 movie about a boy who travels back in time and discovers he has a chance to change his future. The movie is an exciting adventure tale and is one of the best movies for boys. It finished 1985 as the most successful film of the year.
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