10 Best Movies For Family Movie Night

The 10 best movies for family movie night will make the time spent with loved ones extremely special. These movies will leave every family member happy and looking forward to the next movie night.

  1. "Ice Age" This hilarious movie has jokes for children and adults. The film follows animal strangers as they struggle to prepare for the ice age. Side skits of a scrambling squirrel punctuate the fun story with even more hilarity. “Ice Age” is perfect for family movie night.
  2. "Ice Age 2" It’s rare that a sequel surpasses the original film, but “Ice Age 2” did just that. With the ice age ending, the animals are no scrambling to survive the oncoming deluge of melted snow. The film’s creativity and surprising laughs make “Ice Age 2” a great family movie.
  3. "Babe" This movie shows how big hearts sometimes come in small packages. Voiced barn animals of every species playfully show the interconnectedness of all animals. The love between owner and pig is hard to ignore. “Babe” is the perfect film for family movie night.
  4. "Annie" This classic movie has dancing and singing galore. Your kids will likely be humming the movie’s tunes well into the week, and just try to stop yourself from doing so also! Its children characters and uplifting story make “Annie” a great movie for family movie night.
  5. "The Sound of Music" The tale of a governess finding her way in the world is made even better by the Nazi threat to the world and the heartwarming songs. Kids love the marionette and boating scenes. The length of this film may make it easy to split into entertainment enough for two family movie nights.
  6. "E.T." For the family with unlimited imaginations, “E.T.” will make their family movie night a memorable one. The story of a lost alien and the children who save him, this famous movie is great for kids and adults.
  7. "Jumanji" A game that comes alive?! What could be more fun? Or more dangerous! The version with Robin Williams takes unsuspecting kids on an adventure of their lifetime. “Jumanji” is the perfect entertainment for family movie nights.
  8. "Mary Poppins" The classic tale of a magical nanny, this story is one that many children love. The fact that it may make it easier for you to administer medications is an added benefit. “Mary Poppins” is a fun movie for families.
  9. "Wall-E" This animated movie follows two robots in love; and while that might not seem possible, the movie makes it real. The film’s funny take on humanity’s future is something adults can enjoy. “Wall-E” is a must-schedule for any family movie night.
  10. "Toy Story" Destined to go down in history as one of the best animated movies of all time, this film is one that kids and adults enjoy. Toys coming alive after we leave is something every one of us wondered about, and “Toy Story” shows just what would happen if that were, in fact, to be the case. “Toy Story” is a great family movie, and a perfect one to pop into the DVD player on family movie night.
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